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Skidmore College
Art History


Katie Hauser presented, along with Sarah Goodwin (English) and Jeff Segrave (Health and Exercise Science), Assessing Visual Literacy in Support of Curricular Reform at the Association of American Colleges and Universities’ (AACU) 2017 General Education and Assessment: Design Thinking for Student Learning conference, Phoenix, AZ.

Mimi Hellman published “Tapestries and Identities at the Hôtel de Soubise: Figuration, Embodied Vision, Intercorporeality,”in Body Narratives: Motion and Emotion in the French Enlightenment, edited by Susanna Caviglia, Brepols, 2017.

Penny Jolly has a forthcoming essay "Cultural Representations: Head and Body Hair in Medieval Art," in A Cultural History of Hair, edited by Roberta Milliken, Bloomsbury, 2017.

Professor Jolly has been invited to speak at and participate in "The Body Politics of Mary Magdalen" to be held November 23-24, 2017 at the Warburg Institute, School of Advanced Study, University of London.

New book (image below) published by Professor Jolly (click here to see more information).
Pregnant Magdalene in Northern Art 1430-1550

Saleema Waraich published “European Fantasies and Awadhi Dreams: Exoticism, Eroticism, and the Desire for Power,” in Orientalism, Eroticism and Modern Visuality in Global  Cultures, edited by Joan DelPlato and Julie Codell, Ashgate, 2016.

New book (image below) published by Emeritus Professor Lisa Aronson (click here to see more information).

African Photographer J.A. Green