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Skidmore College
Dining Services

Food Allergies

Skidmore Dining takes food allergies very seriously. We want to help all our students, staff and guests with food allergies manage their diets, eat safely, and feel comfortable with the foods we serve.  We are committed to identifying and labeling all known ingredients which are considered common allergens. We provide training to our staff regarding food allergens, the risks associated with them, labeling protocol and appropriate handling procedures of these items and ways to avoid cross-contact.  However, we cannot guarantee that any food item we serve or sell to be allergen-free and cannot assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items with which one may come into contact while eating at any of our locations.

To best serve those with food allergies we strongly encourage them to self-identify and follow the process outlined in our Food Allergy Policy.

Taking Meals To Go