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Skidmore College

Skidmore Community Garden

Skidmore Community GardenFall 2020 Update:

The Garden is operating at a limited capacity with a variety of late summer and fall crops.

Students are encouraged to attend Community Garden Work Parties on Sundays from 3-5 pm, where volunteers will assist the garden manager in harvesting, weeding, and maintaining the growing space. To maintain a safe working environment, we are limiting the number of volunteers in the garden. If you are interested in volunteering, folks must RSVP to by 5 pm on the Saturday before the work party. Volunteers will receive a confirmation email prior to the event. Gloves and sanitizer will be provided to all volunteers. Work parties will begin Sunday, August 30.

The garden is an open community space where folks are welcome to stroll, inspect what's growing, and sit at the picnic table or benches. Please social distance and be respectful of fellow visitors.


In April 2009 the volunteers from the Environmental Action Club, with the support of Facilities Services, broke ground to create the Skidmore College Student Garden. In 2014 there was an opportunity to bring the garden to a more central, visible location on campus. Students, staff, faculty and administration worked together to find a suitable location for the new garden and chose Wiecking Green. The new location is more accessible, highly visible and invites everyone to enter and enjoy the space. During this planning process, the group decided to change the name of the garden to the Skidmore Community Garden, representative of the collaborative process and inclusivity that the garden's mission strives to achieve. Students, staff, faculty and other community members are always welcome to enjoy the garden space as a place for rest, reflection, fun and learning.

The garden supplies local food, grown using organic practices, to Skidmore's dining hall. It facilitates a connection to, and appreciation for, the food that we eat and offers hands-on learning opportunities for the Skidmore community. The garden provides an outlet for community members interested in environmental issues, social justice and economic development to learn about the local food movement and the ecology of food. In its first season, the garden produced more than 1,100 lbs of food, and students hosted a "harvest dinner" that served more than 150 students food that was either produced by the student garden or donated by the Saratoga Farmers Market.

  • 2014 season: Volunteers broke ground on the new Skidmore Community Garden in April and began shaping beds and planting seeds soon after. The season continues to be successful, not only growing healthy crops but engaging community members. Multiple work parties throughout the summer brought faculty, staff and students together, and campus visitors continuously visited to ask questions. We expect the garden to continue growing into the fall semester, where more students will have an opportunity to enjoy the space.
  • 2012 season: Volunteers have helped throughout the spring and summer to plant, weed, harvest and provide assistance with other activities. In addition, Camp North Woods, which has kids from first through sixth grades, also came to the garden on July 25 to help out and learn about what grows there and what some of it tastes like. There are many beds in the garden, planted with items such as carrots, rainbow chard, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs.

  • Read the Student Garden blog, Can Ya Dig It?

  • Students in the Environmental Action Club's Food Group put together an amazing local foods cookbook. Special thanks to Jewels O'Brien '15 and Laura Mindlin '15 for putting a lot of time and effort into this project.

  • To stay connected to the happenings of the Skidmore Community Garden, please join us on Facebook.

Access the Community Garden annual reports by clicking here.