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Skidmore College
Health Promotion

wellness coaching

What is Wellness Coaching?

Our Wellness Coaches are here to help you find the motivation and tools that you need to meet your health-related goals.  As a Skidmore student you have the opportunity to work with a wellness coach in order to make lasting changes that will positively impact your wellbeing. 

Is Wellness Coaching Right for Me?

Students who would like to focus on any of the following may benefit from working with a Wellness Coach:

  • Stress management
  • Self-care
  • Developing and maintaining a positive and healthy mindset
  • Creating life balance
  • Learning how to take advantage of personal strengths and talents
  • Making decisions
  • Making positive lifestyle changes related to nutrition, physical activity, sleep, etc…

It is important to note that Wellness Coaches are not therapists or psychologists.  If you believe that depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders may be a factor for you please visit Skidmore’s Counseling Center.  Your therapist can help you to determine whether or not Wellness Coaching is an appropriate fit for you.

How is Wellness Coaching Structured?

Our Wellness Coaching sessions can be conducted via Zoom or in person, whichever is preferred. During your first session your coach will collect information from you to better get to know you and understand your personal goals and priorities. 

Moving forward, you will continue to meet with your coach regularly as you work toward your goals.  Your coach will offer support and guidance along the way and will help to hold you accountable for achieving your goals.  The service is tailored to fit your needs and you will work together with your Coach to establish a meeting schedule.  Coaches offer both a mix of more comprehensive meetings and shorter check-in meetings.  Most students find that meeting with a Wellness Coach every other week is ideal, providing optimal support while allowing adequate time to work on action steps towards goals.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

In order to schedule an appointment please complete this brief online intake form: Once we receive your form we will contact you to schedule your first appointment.