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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience in London

Comments from former London FYE students

Video from Tova Petto '22: I wanted to make to document my time in London in just a glimpse of each day! Hopefully it gives a better look at what life in London is really like!


The best part of the London FYE Program was the ability to use London as a classroom! Exploring the city and Europe with an amazing group of friends was an amazing experience that also broadened my worldview.
Katie Yan '22


It is hard to put into words how much I gained from and how much I matured during my London First Year Experience that can truly convey its value. Not only was I able to fulfill a majority of my All-College Requirements for Skidmore, but I was also able to use the city of London itself as a classroom, thereby creating an immersive learning environment and a huge appreciation for the city. The ease of international travel, the invaluable friendships that one makes, and the unforgettable memories and experiences gained are all aspects of the London FYE that help to shape young minds into global academics.
Libby Hicks '22


The London program is amazing because it builds a really unique shared experience between 30-40 students and they will always have each other and those memories. It’s great to make new friends and join clubs and music groups, but always remember that every London FYE student is there for you. That includes both students from your year and years past.
Emma Berkowitz '20
My favorite class in London was the History of London. This class, although the hardest, is the most rewarding and inspiring class I have ever taken in my life. Everything I learned in all of my other classes were branches off of the foundation that History of London gave me. The professor opens your eyes to not only London, but to the rest of the world around you, he gives your eyes a unique historical lens that captures what many others can not.
Morgan Emanuele '22

What's it like returning to Skidmore after spending your first semester in London? created by Alex '18, featuring Stevie '19, Maggie '20, Jinan '20, Olivia '18, Soren '20, and Lexi '19. Video created fall 2017 for London FYE students returning to campus in spring 2018. 


Contact former London FYE students

If you'd like to contact students that have already spent their first semester at Skidmore in London, please contact Kendra Nelson, the London FYE program manager in Off-Campus Study & Exchanges, at for a list of former London FYE students that have agreed to be contacts for prospective students.