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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience in London

Information for confirmed students

Students that have been confirmed by the Office of Admissions to participate in the London FYE program in fall 2019 will receive a packet in the mail by mid-May with details about the program and the acceptance materials that must be submitted to Skidmore and our partner organization in London, IES Abroad.

Below is the list of documents/materials that must be completed and returned to the Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges (OCSE) or submitted online. Please follow all instructions included in the mailing and return/submit all the required materials by the dates listed below.

Students must create their Skidmore email account in order to register their account with Off-Campus Study & Exchanges. You can create your Skidmore email account online at

After you create your Skidmore email, OCSE will administratively create your MyOCSE account in the OCSE student portal and give you access to the post-acceptance London FYE materials.


London FYE course registration information will be distributed to confirmed students in early June. The online registration form will open on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. Students will be emailed on June 12th with the link to the online registration form at approximately 11:00 am (US East Coast time).

All students will be asked to submit the course registration form with their course preferences as soon as possible on or soon after June 12th.

GROUP FLIGHT - register by Friday, June 29th

Skidmore has made arrangements for a round-trip, group flight from a New York City airport to London. Details about the group flight are available in your MyOCSE account in the OCSE student portal. To register for the group flight, complete the google doc in your MyOCSE by June 29th. An independent travel agent from New Horizons Travel will call for payment information approximately 1-2 weeks after you submit the registration form.

Complete and return the following documents to Off-Campus Study & Exchanges by July 1, 2019.

  • Signature documents (digitally sign in your MyOCSE account)
  • Application questionnaires (complete online in your MyOCSE account)
  • Copy of your passport (upload in your MyOCSE account)
  • Skidmore Parent/Legal Acknowledgement Form (return by email or mail to OCSE)
  • IES Medical Report (Must be completed by a physician; submit online in your IES Abroad online account)
  • Course Registration form (online registration will open on June 12th)
  • Skidmore College First-Year Health forms* – due to Skidmore's Health Services by August 1st

*The Skidmore College First-Year Health forms are required by all Skidmore students, regardless of whether they study in London or Saratoga Springs this fall. Students going to London must complete the IES Medical Report form AND the Skidmore College First-Year Health forms. The Skidmore College First-Year Health forms should be returned directly to Health Services.


Skidmore's partner organization in London, IES Abroad, requires all students to register for a MyIESabroad account and submit the following forms by July 1, 2019. Students will be sent an email in late May with their username and password required to log-in to their MyIESabroad account.

Students will be asked to submit the following:

  • IES Passport Form
  • IES Digital Headshot Form
  • IES Housing Form
  • IES GDPR Form (student privacy policy)
  • IES Medical Report
  • IES Program Waiver*

*Students must be 18 years old to sign the IES program waiver. Please wait until you turn 18 years old to submit the waiver. If you turn 18 after July 1st, IES will give you an extension to submit the waiver late. 


All first-year students are asked to upload a digital photo for Skidmore ID by July 1, 2019 so that their ID card can be created before they arrive on campus. To submit a photo for your Skidmore ID card go to Please make sure to use your username when you log in, not your full email. For example, Kendra Nelson, the London FYE Program Manager, logs in with knelson1 and her password, not her full email with at the end. 

London FYE students must upload a photo to both the Skidmore Card Office and in their MyIESabroad account. The same photo can be used for both as long as it meets the photo requirements set by both Skidmore and IES Abroad.

If you have any questions, please contact Kendra Nelson, the London FYE program manager in Skidmore's Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges at 518-580-5355 or