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Skidmore College
Academic Life

Taking on the demands of full-time college-level study, compressed into five weeks, is challenging for any student. For this reason, we encourage Pre-College students to study what they want to study, not so much what they think they ought to study. Choose a class in an area where you feel your strengths lies. Or delve into an unexplored subject to challenge your perceptions and discover new fields of knowledge. The path you take to prepare for your future as a college student is as unique as you are.

Pre-College students may enroll in any foundation-level liberal or studio art course offered as part of Skidmore’s Summer Session for college students. Skidmore’s unique curriculum allows students to take either two studio art courses, two liberal arts courses or one of each. Offerings include a wide range of courses drawn from the humanities, social and natural sciences; studio art courses and workshops; and special topics courses from diverse disciplines that provide singular experiences. In addition to the courses that carry standard Skidmore credit, generally transferable to any other college or university, students who wish to investigate the studio arts without the pressure of grades may enroll in non-credit workshops.