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Residential Life

At Skidmore, high school students can imagine their futures while living together, cultivating new friendships and discovering just the right balance between work and fun. A carefully selected and trained residential staff, which includes the residence hall director and resident hall advisors (RAs), live with Pre-College students in their own private residence hall. The residential life program, designed to support and complement academic and artistic endeavors, ensures that students' social lives are every bit as exhilarating as their intellectual lives.

Read about a typical day in
the Pre-College Program

On Skidmore's lively campus, Pre-College students will find college students, of course, but also visiting students and faculty from other programs. Pre-College students are invited to take active part in the special workshops, visiting artist lectures and gallery talks sponsored by Skidmore's Summer Studio Art Program. The campus calendar offers many other concerts, lectures, events, and weekend on-campus activities, to say nothing of downtown Saratoga Springs' dynamic cultural and arts scene—proving that summer at Skidmore is much more than just summer school.

The Residence Hall

A significant part of Pre-College is the opportunity to live in a residence hall and share living space with high school students from varied backgrounds. This is a broadening experience that cultivates strong bonds among students. All residential students live in a private residence hall on the Skidmore campus and are under the supervision of an adult Residence Hall Director and a team of Skidmore undergraduate Resident Assistants.

Pre-College follows a set of criteria for fostering a supported living environment:

  • The residence hall is dedicated exclusively to Pre-College students.
  • Most students will be housed with a roommate.
  • Gender division is made by floor.
  • RAs (Resident Advisors) occupy rooms evenly distributed throughout the hall.
  • Main floors and the common areas are accessible to the entire building.
  • Roommate selections are made at random shortly before students arrive.


The live-in residential staff is trained to create an atmosphere that encourages Pre-College students to adjust quickly and comfortably to the college environment at Skidmore. The staff includes an adult Residence Hall Director (RHD) and ten Resident Assistants (RAs) who live full-time with the Pre-College students. The RHD is a professional with experience living and working with high school populations. The RAs are mature Skidmore College undergraduate students who offer academic support, plan and supervise sporting and social activities, uphold student living community standards, and arrange enriching field trips and special events.

Pre-College students have access to Skidmore recreational facilities, including sports fields and courts, the gyms and indoor pool.  While the primary focus of Pre-College is educational, the residence hall staff members organize a range of social events, activities, and trips so students with widely varying interests can find opportunities to socialize and have fun.

Residential activities vary each summer and may include: karaoke, movie nights, competitions, talent shows, Skidmore information sessions and education programs, bowling, community service projects, and trips to the ballet and an amusement park.  Like most college students, you’ll find that just hanging out with friends is one of the most enjoyable activities of all. Pre-College students have many of the freedoms of undergraduate students during the day and evening hours, within the guidelines of our program policies, and participation in planned activities is optional. Unlike undergraduates, Pre-College students have a curfew and are required to check-in the residence hall by 11:00 p.m.

In Skidmore’s Pre-College Program, each day is really what you make of it. Events, activities and resources abound. Each student’s schedule will vary according to the courses taken, but here’s a typical student's day:

  • Wake up in your Kimball Hall dorm, your Skidmore summer home. Get ready for the day.
  • Eat breakfast with your new friends at the Murray-Aikins Dining Hall, an all-you-can-eat dining facility with a wide range of choices, including vegetarian and vegan options.
  • You’ll most likely have one class in the morning (Tisch Learning Center perhaps) and another in the afternoon (maybe Palamountain Hall), although timing will vary according to the courses you select.
  • Need a break? The Burgess Café in the Case Student Center is open throughout the day for coffee and snacks and easy access to computers. There’s also a convenient snack bar at the dining hall.
  • Then it’s back to the D-hall, which Skidmore students rave about, for lunch with friends and classmates, maybe even a little downtime.
  • Should you have a bit of free time before your afternoon class, you might get a jump on homework at Scribner Library or under a tree on sunny Case Green.
  • When classes are finished for the day, unwind by working out at the Williamson Sports Center, play tennis, relax by Haupt Pond, or visit a cool exhibit at the college’s unique Tang Museum.
  • Grab dinner!
  • Enjoy playing or watching an after-dinner pickup game of volleyball or Frisbee, or take advantage of the many exciting on-campus concerts, lectures, films, and readings.
  • Homework time! Expect to spend several hours each night completing homework assignments (this is college, after all!).
  • Sleep well—tomorrow will be another busy day!

Students who live in the Saratoga Springs area have the option of attending Pre-College while residing at home. In an effort to create community, commuter students are encouraged to become part of the residential community by attending activities, events, meetings, etc. Commuting students may visit the residence hall as a guest of a residential student, and are encouraged to engage in study groups, participate in residential programming, and attend the weekend trips and events.  Pre-College welcomes commuters to be part of the larger residential community (without actually staying overnight or attending meals at the dining hall), as they are an important part of the Pre-College community.  Commuter students may have lunch with their classmates in the dining hall by purchasing individual meal tickets or a meal plan. Note: Pre-College students may not ride in cars of others, including commuter students’ cars.

Residence Hall Security

The Pre-College residence hall is accessible by card-swipe only.  Students’ ID cards, and the ID cards of the residential staff and other Skidmore personnel, are coded for entry into the building.  All guests entering the building are required to show their ID card when asked to verify that they are permitted access to the hall. Students are responsible for their guests and they must sign them in and out with the RA on duty. Pre-College students are permitted to have guests during designated hours in the common areas or open-door spaces. Guests must abide by program policies. 

2019 Pre-College Residential Life Staff (coming soon)

A carefully recruited and trained residential staff, which includes the residence hall director and ten resident assistants (RAs), live with students in the residence hall. Our dedicated staff strives to ensure a safe and supportive environment for students by maintaining policies and helping students balance academic and social life. The staff looks forward to meeting you this summer!