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Skidmore College
Office of the Registrar

Registration Step by Step

STEP 1: Review the Guide and plan

Be sure to walk through the Student Self Service Quick GuideYour registration will go much more smoothly if you have reviewed this information before trying to register.  You can also use Schedule Planner to search, plan, and register, see step 3 below.  Here is a quick guide and video that shows you how it works (the video is not Skidmore specific but gives you an idea of how it works).

STEP 2: Check the Master Schedule 

Search for course listings, descriptions, prerequisites, and all college requirements. Click on the course title to view all of this information and more!

STEP 3: Plan your Schedule

New Schedule Planning tool! - We are excited to announce a new schedule planning tool that will generate conflict free schedule options based on the courses you choose and any “breaks” (i.e. work study, practice, study time, etc.).  Once you find the schedule that works for you, email your planned schedule to your advisor, put it in your “shopping cart” and then use that to register at your assigned timeslot.  You can access Schedule Planner in the student menu of the Skidmore Student System, the left menu of your student profile, or the Registrar’s Office website.

STEP 4: Special required forms.

Complete any special forms required for registration. All forms must be handed in at the time you register. Forms are available online or in the Registrar's Office unless otherwise noted.

  • Overload Form: Total semester hours more than 18 (max of 20)
  • Part Time Form: Total semester hours less than 12
    • Dean's List Eligibility: at least 14 semester hours of credit
  • Independent Study Form
  • Advanced Studio Problems Form: (AR 365/366) - available in the Art Department
  • Internship Form: (299/399 or IN 100) - available in the Office of Academic Advising

STEP 5: Check with your advisor

  • Make an appointment with your faculty advisor to discuss your proposed schedule - come prepared! Review your Degree Audit and email your schedule plan to your advisor before you meet with them.
  • Ask your advisor to release your advising hold after your meeting.

STEP 6: Review your registration status in the Student System - Student > Registration > Prepare for Registration

Clear any financial holds before registration. Direct questions to the Office of Student Accounts. You will not be able to register with a hold.

You should not miss classes or arrive late if you have class during your registration timeslot.  Email our office ( if you have a class during your assigned timeslot and we can set up a proxy registration for you.  Be sure to provide plenty of backup courses.

Step 7: Register for classes using the Skidmore Student System self-service or Schedule planner.

Self Instructional Language Program
Enrollment for all Self Instructional Language Program should be completed during the normal registration period. All enrollees and late registrants need to come to PMH 417 for special instructions and information on course times and places.  FINAL EXAM TIMES ARE DETERMINED BY AN OUTSIDE EXAMINER AND YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED OF THE TIME AND PLACE BY EMAIL.

Step 8: Always verify your completed schedule!

Important info about waitlists:

  • Some course sections will inevitably close. If you wish to put your name on a wait list, you may do so – but be sure to create a full backup schedule.  Also, please note that you may not waitlist in a class if you have a seat in another section of that same class.
  • Being on a waitlist does not constitute enrollment, you are simply waiting for a seat to become available.
  • You will be notified via Skidmore email if a seat becomes available.  You will have 48 hours to log into the system and enroll, so be sure to keep checking your email throughout the summer!