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Residential Life
Special Interest Communities

Special Interest Communities

Special Interest Communities allow students to select housing within our nine on-campus residence halls that focus on particular topics or themes. These communities include eight options that offer students the opportunity to extend their learning outside of the classroom.

Sustainability community

Gardenside is a sustainability-focused living and learning community on the first floor of Wiecking Hall. Residents are required to take a 1 credit corresponding “Gardenside Sustainability Solutions” course, offered by the Sustainability Office. The class is designed to cultivate an understanding of fundamental sustainability concepts (including community-based climate solutions), foster a sense of community among residents, and provide an opportunity for service-based experiential and experimental learning. Along with mini-lectures and discussions of academic readings, classes will include tours and hands-on “work days” in the North Woods, Community Garden, and on-campus compost site. Students in this course will also examine building systems and personal behaviors with a sustainability lens as related to their lived experience in the residence hall and on campus. A few additional activities and events may be offered during the year by a Sustainability Office intern, such as sustainable crafts, a community meal, or a field trip.

In Fall 2023, the “Gardenside Sustainability Solutions” class will be offered on Wednesdays from 2:30-4:30 pm. Gardenside residents must plan their schedules so as not to conflict with the class time.

For more information contact Tarah Rowse, Director of Sustainability, at    


 global community

global community

The global community is a special-interest option designed for students who value learning about other countries. This community is open to all students (domestic, international, study-abroad alumni, etc.) who wish to learn more about the global influences on students. The global community will be located on the 11th floor of Jonsson Tower.

 multicultural community

multicultural community

The multicultural community is a special-interest option that will provide opportunities for students to learn about, and appreciate, the diverse backgrounds of their peers. This community is open to students of all racial and ethnic identities. The multicultural community will be located on the 10th floor of Jonsson Tower.

 Honors Forum

Periclean Honors Forum

This housing option is only available to students in the Periclean Honors Forum. Students applying for this option should connect with the Honors Forum staff to indicate their interest. The Office of Residential Life, in conjunction with Honors Forum, will then set up students with access to the actual selection process.



PRISM COmmunity

Peers Representing Intersectional Identities and Sexuality Meaningfully 

The PRISM community strives to celebrate the lives and experiences of students who identify within the LGBTQ+ community. We strive to acknowledge intersectionality of identity and create a space where LGBTQ+ individuals can feel valued, safe, and in community with one another through intentional programmatic efforts. Through discussion of LGBTQ+ history, activism, and current events residents of this community can grow in their knowledge of and participation in the LGBTQ+ community at large. The PRISM Community will be located on the 8th floor of Jonsson Tower.

Quiet Floor

quiet floor

The quiet floor is a community that is designed to provide a quieter atmosphere than most residence halls in hope of providing an environment that meets the needs of students who need a quiet environment for their studies. This floor will observe 24-hour quiet hours year-round. Students who live in this area who violate quiet hours may be asked to move out of the community. The quiet floor will be located on the fifth floor of Jonsson Tower.

substance-free community

substance-free community

The purpose of the substance-free community is to support all students in their decision to not allow alcohol or other drugs to negatively affect the community in which they live. Further, the substance-free community exists in order to provide students with a comfortable, safe, living environment free from the pressures associated with alcohol and other drugs. This community is closely knit, as students share this common bond. Students who are in substance-abuse recovery programs are encouraged to apply. The Substance Free community will make up the entirety of Howe and Rounds halls.

Students living within this community agree to three conditions:

  • Not to physically bring drugs and/or alcohol into this community
  • Not to enter this community under the influence of drugs and or alcohol
  • Not bring guests into this area who are under the effects of drugs and/or alcohol

If students who live in this community are found to violate any of these conditions, they may be asked to move out of the community. 

Substance Free - Quiet Floor

The Substance Free - Quiet floor is located on the third floor of Howe Hall within the Substance-Free community and will observe 24-hour quiet hours in addition to the other conditions to substance-free living.

 Women's icon

Women's Floor

Keeping with our roots of initially being founded as a women's college, Skidmore College currently offers women's floors within our residence halls. These floors provide our female students with an opportunity to live in a floor community consisting exclusively of other women.

For 2020-2021 the Women's Floor will be located on the 7th floor of Jonsson Tower.

The women's floors are open to all students who identify as women.

(Please know that due to limitations of software programs, students whose gender identity does not match their legal sex on record with the college will need to contact the Office of Residential Life directly to select this community).