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Skidmore Retirees

In Memoriam - Archives

  • Helga Doblin, professor emerita of foreign languages, died July, 1, 2005, in Saratoga Springs. She was 94.
  • Sonja Karsen, literary scholar and professor emerita of Spanish, died Jan. 12, 2013, in Rockleigh, N.J. She was 93.
  • Juan-Carlos Lertora, who joined Skidmore as a professor of Spanish in 1980, died March 2, 2006, from heart damage caused by a virus. He was 60.
  • Madeleine Ortoleva, Skidmore alumna and longtime professor of French at the College, died July 4, 2013. She was 89.
  • Frederick A. Spear, professor emeritus of French and the "ultimate bibliographer," according to a Skidmore colleague, died Dec. 31, 2008, in Portsmouth, N.H. He was 85.
  • Rudolf Sturm, professor emeritus of Slavic languages, died November 27, 2000, in Saratoga Springs. He was 88.