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Skidmore College

Current initiatives: land management

  • Take a walk in the North WoodsNorth Woods preservation: Skidmore is dedicated to protecting open space on campus, having committed to preserving about 150 acres of the Northwoods until 2050. To learn more about Skidmore's North Woods, please visit the North Woods homepage.

  • Invasive species eradication: Skidmore has pledged to eradicate two invasive plant species from all landscaped beds and developed portions of campus. The pledge includes Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii) and burning bush (Euonymus alatus), two popular landscaping species that are also problematic invasive species.

  • Fertilizer and pest control reductions: Skidmore seeks to build the health of the soil so that fewer and fewer chemical fertilizers and pest controls will be required. These incremental application reductions are currently being followed.

  • Woodlands atlas report: The Woodlands Atlas Project is a student-faculty collaborative project that surveyed and mapped the more than 1,000 acres of land owned by Skidmore College. Click here to view the report.