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Details and responsibilities will be included in postings below. See the "Campus Student Job Descriptions" below for more details about the jobs offered each academic year. Applications and questions welcome via email to We will post open positions for Fall '23 in April. 

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Academic Internships

Please contact the Sustainability Office if you are interested in a sustainability-focused academic internship by visiting the Sustainability Office in Wiecking Hall or by emailing


Campus Student Job Descriptions

The Sustainability Office offers a variety of student jobs for both the academic year and in the summer, two North Woods Stewards and a Garden Manager role. General job position descriptions and duties included below for reference. Any open applications will be posted above.


The Skidmore Sustainability Office is hiring three Student Compost Managers. The position requires five hours of work per week. Managers are responsible for attending weekly manager meetings, collecting coffee grounds, and leading work parties each Friday. Work parties occur on Fridays from 3-5pm, and Compost Managers will recruit and coordinate volunteers for these weekly work parties.  Maintaining communication with Residential Life is essential to ensure the success of the apartment composting program, and each semester managers are tasked with reaching out to Northwoods and Sussman Apartments to encourage and educate residents about the benefits and process of composting. Applicants that are able to commit to the full school year are preferred, but we will consider students who are just available for the fall semester. Compost Managers will report to the Sustainability Coordinator for Student Programs.


  • Coordinate closely with the Skidmore Sustainability Office regarding the composting program; identify any challenges, ideas, or feedback from apartment residents;
  • Manage and train volunteers who are interested in supporting the compost program;
  • Frequently communicate with volunteers to ensure there is adequate help each week;
  • Follow a weekly schedule for compost collection;
  • Weekly check-ins in apartment laundry rooms for bag distribution, problem solving, ;
  • Propose programming ideas or workshops and educational materials that can be used engage residents who may not all be participating;
  • Educate and engage students peers about the benefits of composting and the respective environmental, social, and economic injustices of global climate change;
  • Manage data collection (weight by apartment building, volume of finished compost, temperature readings); managers are responsible for ensuring data is collected consistently each week during pickups and is imported into excel;
  • Turn the compost piles each week to promote healthy compost; manager should also work with Skidmore Sustainabilty Office to ensure there are enough carbon amendments (leaves, wood chips) to mix into the compost each week;
  • Assist in off-campus compost site management, including operating a tractor to turn piles;
  • Maintain the buckets to ensure odors can be managed as effectively as possible;
  • Administer annual survey to all Northwoods and Sussman residents; and
  • Continue waste reduction programming such as tabling, hosting educational events, and organizing other interactive and collaborative campus events.


The Skidmore Sustainability Office is looking for an organized, self-directed, responsible student who has some existing skills related to trail maintenance, outdoor education, communication, and/or other relevant experience. The North Woods are a resource for academic research, recreation, and a place for contemplation and solace. The Steward will care for the land and the trails and seek opportunities to work with the campus community to foster opportunities for education and well-being. A successful applicant will have good public relations skills and be comfortable interacting with visitors in the North Woods.  CPR and First Aid certification as well as GIS knowledge and website development are desirable skills. The position will be active through the academic year, with potential to extend into a summer position.  The Steward will report to the Sustainability Coordinator for Student Programming. Stewards will work 3-4 hours per week. Primary initiatives for this fall and spring will be to maintain trails, contribute to research and work with the Lands Management Subcommittee, and coordinate events.


Monitoring Physical Condition of North Woods

  • Maintain, monitor and record physical appearance/health of the woods, including litter removal, firepit removal, and trail maintenance.
  • Research and implement erosion control strategies.


  • Inform visitors about the details and goals of the stewardship program with tours.
  • Maintain kiosks and trail markers/signage.
  • Help maintain the North Woods website, and manage the Friends of the North Woods Facebook page and Instagram content.

Reach Out to Saratoga and Skidmore Community

  • Collaborate with student groups, staff, and faculty to get students into the woods.
  • Lead volunteer days with students.
  • Conduct public outreach, such as lectures and guided hikes for community groups and others.



The Skidmore Sustainability Office is hiring two students for the North Woods Steward team (two stewards total). The Office is looking for organized, self-directed, responsible students who have some existing skills regarding trail maintenance, outdoor education, communication, and/or related fields.  A successful applicant will have good public relations skills and be comfortable interacting with visitors in the North Woods.

The North Woods Stewards maintain the health, diversity, and accessibility of the North Woods. Each student is responsible for removing invasive plant species, maintaining the trail system, leading educational tours, and maintaining the North Woods’ social media. Stewards will also design and complete an independent project. Finally, Stewards will assist the Community Garden Manager with garden related duties on a weekly basis. The North Woods Stewards positions extend for 10 weeks in the summer, 1st and 2nd summer sessions on campus. Stewards will work 25 hours per week, and the weekly schedule will be finalized between the stewards and Sustainability Office staff at the position start date in May. The North Woods Stewards will report to the Sustainability Coordinator of Student Programming.



Monitoring Physical Condition of North Woods

  • Maintain, monitor and record physical appearance/health of the woods, including litter removal and trail maintenance;
  • Remove and map invasive species in the North Woods;
  • Inform visitors about the details and goals of the stewardship program;
  • Maintain kiosks and trail signage;
  • Work with the GIS lab to continue to update and create data points and maps of the North Woods;
  • Compile research into a useable format for future North Woods Stewards and others;
  • Help maintain the North Woods website, manage the North Woods Facebook page and Instagram content;
  • Conduct public outreach, such as lectures and guided hikes for community groups and others;
  • Assist the Community Garden Manager for about 5 hours/week working on garden tasks like planting, weeding, harvesting, and delivering food to the dining hall;
  • Develop an independent research project linked to the North Woods; independent projects should be completed by the last week of the summer;
  • Write a report summarizing the summer North Woods and/or sustainability projects, due the last week of the summer.


The primary responsibilities of the Skidmore Community Garden Manager will be to work with the Skidmore Sustainability Office, Skidmore community members, and garden volunteers to plan and maintain the Skidmore Community Garden. The manager is responsible for the planting, maintenance, and harvesting of vegetables; recruiting and retaining volunteers; recording harvest yields; creating invoices and recording financial transactions; communicating with Skidmore Dining Services; maintaining the Facebook page; as well as reaching out to the Skidmore and Saratoga communities to advertise events and educational opportunities. The North Woods Stewards will assist the Garden Manager for 5 hours each week during the summer.

The position begins during the Spring semester and continues into the summer, which lasts through 1st and 2nd sessions. The position concludes at the end of the Fall Semester. The Garden Manager will report to the Sustainability Coordinator for Student Programs.

Note: The Skidmore Community Garden Manager position is listed as a full  calendar year commitment. While preference may be given to applicants who can commit to the full year long term, all interested applicants are encouraged to apply.  Please indicate expected availability in application materials.



Planting, Ongoing Maintenance, and Harvesting of Vegetables in the Garden

  • Develop and follow an annual plan for the vegetables, herbs, and fruits in the Skidmore Community Garden based on interests of the community involved, suggestions from Dining Services, and insight garnered by reading previous years' annual reports;
  • Carry out the purchasing and planting of seeds and transplants;
  • Manage the ongoing weeding, watering, and maintenance of the Garden throughout the summer;
  • Harvest vegetables and herbs taking careful documentation of weight and variety, and deliver them to Dining Services along with a structured invoice of delivered produce.

Administrative Tasks

  • Keep track of the visitors/volunteers in the garden;
  • Create weekly invoices for Dining Services to keep track of financial transactions;
  • Log hours for Sustainable Skidmore;
  • Attend regular meetings with Sustainability Coordinator for Student Programs;
  • Create an Annual Report. This document will contain successes, challenges, and tips for future managers to learn from and will serve as a journal to be edited throughout the growing season and submitted at the end of the year;
  • Coordinate weekly work parties while school is in session;
  • Coordinate the Skidmore Community Garden’s annual Harvest Dinner in the fall semester.

Outreach to the Saratoga & Skidmore College Community

  • Craft content for the Skidmore Community Garden Facebook group and post on the Sustainable Skidmore Instagram to update the Skidmore and Saratoga communities on events and progress of the Garden;
  • Design innovative ways of spreading the word about the garden;
  • Create educational materials to promote the garden (i.e. videos, posters, and brochures);
  • Reach out to local organizations for potential collaborations (Community Gardens of Saratoga, Sustainable Saratoga, the Farmers Market);
  • Plan children’s activities with Camp North Woods 1-3 times over the summer and with groups such as the Early Childhood Center and the Greenberg Child Care Center on campus during the school year;
  • Collaborate with Skidmore faculty during the school year to host field trips and educational sessions at the garden;
  • Be a source for students and other Skidmore and Saratoga community members interested in the garden to connect with other educational opportunities relating to food and sustainable agriculture.


The Skidmore Sustainability Office is seeking self-directed, motivated students to take the lead on a variety of campus-based projects. This intern team of six individuals will primarily focus on independent projects, but collaborate periodically through the year for campus-wide events including informational tabling, Campus Crunch, Big Green Scream, Earth Week, etc. A strong candidate will be very organized, communicative, and detail-oriented.


At the start of the semester, Sustainability Interns will complete a through training to ensure they are experts on campus sustainability and well versed in Skidmore’s efforts and pathways forward around energy, food, waste, lands and grounds, and engagement. This background is essential foundational information to make our student team effective community leaders and project managers.



  • Participate in periodic trainings and meetings to ensure a thorough and complete understanding of campus sustainability;
  • Coordinate closely with the Skidmore Sustainability Office Staff to address a variety of campus-based projects, including the following
    • Greenhouse gas inventory
    • Building energy audits
    • Renewable energy engagement
    • Carbon markets in Higher Education research
    • Food waste audits
    • Localized campus waste audits
    • Low mow/wildflower zone management proposal
    • Tree canopy/campus inventory
    • Ice salt alternatives research
    • Admissions brochure
    • Sustainability orientation
    • Graphic design for geothermal display for JKB node
    • Outdoor sustainability signage design
  • Meet consistently with Skidmore Sustainability Office Staff to address project needs, questions, and future steps;
  • Report project updates to regular meetings with the Sustainability Intern Team;
  • Design informative and educational materials and events for the Skidmore College Community, including staff, faculty, students and the broader Saratoga Springs Community as appropriate.



The Skidmore Sustainability Office is hiring two students to review, adapt, and re-launch the Sustainable Workplace Program, a faculty- and staff-focused sustainability engagement initiative that was first piloted in 2014. The program allows individuals, offices, or departments to certify their workspaces by adjusting habits and pursuing points in a comprehensive assessment program. The managers will leverage lessons learned from the 2014 pilot and integrate new and emerging data on staff engagement programs to re-launch an improved program. The ideal candidate will be adaptable, reliable, comfortable working independently and in a team, comfortable presenting in front of large audiences, and motivated to launch a new campus initiative. There is an opportunity to extend this position to the Spring 2021 semester, but this decision will be determined by a satisfactory Fall semester review. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Review documents and records from the 2014 pilot program;
  • Research existing sustainable office programs and other staff engagement programs at other higher education institutions;
  • Adjust the 2014 sustainable workplace criteria to ensure actions and metrics are relevant to campus and Skidmore’s sustainability goals;
  • Conduct outreach efforts to secure participation in pilot program;
  • Create materials and resources to support program participants;
  • Prepare and present information to offices and departments;
  • Serve as a program liaison for participating offices and departments;
  • Oversee program assessments and develop recommendations and resources to help offices or departments improve their sustainable workplace score;
  • Design program evaluation forms and review results to assess strengths and weaknesses of the sustainable workplace program;
  • Design brown-bag lunch series or other staff engagement events;
  • Co-facilitate monthly brown-bag “lunch-and-learn” events; and
  • Attend weekly meetings with the Sustainability Office.