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Skidmore College

Campus sustainability reports

Campus Sustainability Annual Reports

The Campus Sustainability Subcommittee (CSS) produces an annual progress report each year to summarize the efforts and achievements from the past year and track our progress toward the goals outlined in the 2015–2025 Campus Sustainability Plan (CSP). The CSS will conduct a midpoint evaluation in 2020 to make any necessary adjustments to the sustainability goals set in the Campus Sustainability Plan (e.g., if we've already met a goal, perhaps we want to set another goal, or if changing markets make a goal unreachable, we may consider reducing our target). Skidmore also recognizes that there are other goals and projects that we will inevitably undertake over the next 10 years, and we will include a category of "other" in our annual reports to capture these efforts. Each annual report should be read in conjunction with the 2015–2025 Campus Sustainability Plan.

Sustainability Programs Reports

Before the endorsement of the 2015–25 Campus Sustainability Plan, student leaders developed program reports to highlight the programs, projects and institutional initiatives that demonstrate the college's commitment to sustainability. These reports can be found below.

The Sustainability Committee (SuCo) is the primary student committee responsible for educating and collaborating with students, SGA, faculty, staff and administration with the intent to advance the commitment to sustainability.

2012 Status Report: Published by the Sustainability Commission (SuCo). During the fall 2012 semester, SuCo wrote the 2012 Status Report, a compilation of all student-led sustainability initiatives dating back to 2003. The report was written with seven topic areas: food, waste, transportation, green buildings, land management, energy and academics.