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Skidmore College

Current initiatives: transportation

  • Electric vehicle charging: Skidmore has 14 EV charging stations on campus available to community members and the public. Station pricing includes an energy fee of $0.20/kWh and an overstay fee. Fee income supports EV station subscriptions, maintenance, new station buildouts, and sustainability programs.
    • There are two providers for the campus stations, ChargePoint and ChargeSmart EV, with instructions posted at each station. Stations are noted on the map below. Click for a larger image.
    • Parking policies for EV stations:
      Map of stations includes one at Case, Sussman, Zankel, 2 at Palamountain, 3 at JoTo, and 6 by North Hall.
      • Only EV users can park at EV stations, and vehicles must be plugged in and charging. 
      • ChargePoint stations have a 4-hr charging limit. After 4 hours, users will be charged a $4/hr overstay fee. ChargePoint stations in the commuter lots (Case, Palamountain and Zankel lots) are not available for overnight charging. 
      • ChargeSmart EV stations have no time limit and are available for overnight charging (CIS Greenhouse, North Hall, and JoTo lots). After vehicle charging is complete, users will be charged a $4/hr overstay fee.
      •  All community members, including on-campus students, have access to all EV charging stations.
      • Email to join the campus EV User email list.
  • Join the free campus bikeshare, CDPHP Cycle!: Anyone with a email address can register for CDPHP Cycle! To complete your free sign-up, download the CDPHP Cycle! app to your smart phone, subscribe with your email address, submit promo code "Skidmore", enter a debit/credit card for incidentals, and you're ready to ride! Pedal bikes are free to ride for College community members and e-bikes are free for the first 30 minutes.
    • This program is available throughout Saratoga Springs and the Capital Region, so you can ride in Troy and Albany for free too.
    • The bikes are free-park style, so you can conclude your ride by locking your bike anywhere, not just at an official CDPHP Cycle! rack. However, the user will be charged a $2 convenience fee for parking E-bikes  outside of a Cycle! rack. To avoid this fee, the user must park the E-bike at a rack.
    • You can check out any available bike locked anywhere. There are 2 main racks on campus - one outside of the library and the other at the southeast corner of the Northwoods Apartments.
    • Looking for ideas of where to ride? Check out our Suggested Bike Routes brochure here for ideas of where to explore.
  • Public transportation: The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) has a bus stop right here on campus in front of Case College Center. Anyone with a Skidmore ID can ride the CDTA bus line for free. This includes all routes in Saratoga Springs, Albany, Troy, and Schenectady. Please click the link below for the bus schedule and map.
  • Student travel:
  • Anti-Idling: Skidmore's motor vehicle policy (2017) states that "drivers are reminded that the City of Saratoga Springs restricts idling of vehicle engines for more than 5 consecutive minutes, except in certain circumstances—please refer to the city’s code for additional information."
  • Bike Workshops in Saratoga:
    • In 2021 we installed a bike repair stand by Case bus stop. There is a pump and tools available all day every day. Please email us with any technical needs. 
    • Bikeatoga is a volunteer-run non-profit offering free bikes with their earn-a-bike program and pay-as-you-please maintenance. Their workshop is located in the basement of the Church of Saint Peter at 241 Broadway. The group runs an education-focused shop, empowering folks to fix their own bikes with guidance from volunteer mechanic teachers. In addition, the group advocates for pedestrian and cyclist  infrastructure and safety in Saratoga Springs.
    • Saratoga is home to two bike storefronts: Trek Bicycle and Grey Ghost.
  • Bicycle commuter facilities: Anyone choosing to bike to Skidmore may use the showering facilities in Harder Hall and the Williamson Sports Center to freshen up before heading to class or the office. The Sports Center also has lockers that riders may use to store personal items for the day.
  • Bike storage: Wait Hall has a secure bike storage room that may be used by any student living in residence halls. Each of the College’s 22 on-campus apartment buildings has secure bicycle storage racks in the building’s laundry room.