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Skidmore College

Move In & Move Out 

Move in and move out at Skidmore College is the perfect time to focus on sustainable lifestyle habits and how you can integrate them into how you manage your belongings. During move-in and move-out, a lot of waste is produced due to packaging, throwing away of unwanted belongings, and so on. On the waste end, check out the “Waste” section to learn how waste is harmful to the environment and is associated with a plethora of environmental justice issues. The main issue during move in/out is the disposal of perfectly good material, like unopened food, furniture, clothing, and unopened toiletries. All of which not only add to the amount of waste produced but are also likely to be repurchased… that's throwaway culture!!

While it may seem easier to simply throw something away because you personally do not need it or it is “too much work to keep”, try to remember that someone else might really need the item you see as trash. So instead, donate your unwanted belongings if you can’t hold onto them and give back to your community! We try to make donating items super convenient on campus with the Clothing Exchange Closet in Case Center (open year round) and with the end of the year move-out donation collection Give+Go every May.

There are many things you can do to sustainability move in and out and to reduce your creation of waste.

How to move sustainably... buy things to last your 4 years here! Check with your roommates about getting supplies you can share. Use reusables for packing as much as possible (bins, bags, etc). Donate any unwanted items. Creative thought matters! Be smart about how you pack.

  • Use reusables to move! Borrow items from home or invest in some reusable bins and bags to prevent the production of waste! Plastic tubs and large tote bags work wonders.
  • Save and reuse boxes!
    • Whether from mail, other types of packaging etc. you can use them to store and pack your belongings.
  • If packing fragile items like lightbulbs, glassware or dishes, use your clothes to wrap them!
  • Start packing early!! Seriously! Piling your items or starting to box stuff two days ahead of time will decrease the stress and rush of moving.
  • Use your laundry basket and storage units to move items.
  • Communicate with your roomie- perhaps you can share household goods, like brooms/vacuums, TVs, mini-fridges, etc. Save yourself some money, space, and electricity by checking in with your roomie.
  • Be conscious of the waste you are producing and recycle when you can.
    • Electronics recycling is available in the Wait Hall basement.Read more about e-waste recycling on our waste page.
    • Cardboard can be recycled in your recycling rooms or kitchens- collapse the boxes to make them easy to move and be courteous to your neighbors and housekeeping.
    • Need some kitchen homegoods? Local thrift and antique stores can have lots of silverware, plates, and other things you might need for dorm and/or apartment living!

one glass perfume bottle is tucked inside a cotton sock. A second perfume bottle sits next to the pair.

pans and clothes nestled together in a moving box

step 1: grab your box. step 2: top box lids open. Step 3: bottom box lids open. Step 4: flatten!



Move In

  • Try to bring only what you absolutely need! Not only is it easier to move in, but you are less likely to want to throw stuff away at the end of the year!
    • You can always buy some things once you move in as well!
  • Buy things that will last you a while! If you can, purchase items for your dorm that are likely to last you your full 4 years at Skidmore.

Move Out

  • KEEP YOUR HOMEGOODS! If you are coming back to Skidmore the next semester, you’ll need your utensils, kitchenware, and decor!
  • Storage Units: There are a few local companies that have storage units you can rent to store your stuff here in Saratoga, especially if you can’t bring it home! Plaza 15 and Life Storage are local storage options that are both less than 10 minutes away from campus!
  • Donate what you don’t want to Give + Go! This is an annual program designed to gather used items from students at the end of year to donate to local and regional nonprofits where they can then be reused or resold. Either way, this program diverts tons of good material that would otherwise be put in the landfill and allows students to give back to their community. Since the program started in 2007, over 100 tons of material has been diverted from the landfill and instead donated!! In just the 2018-2019 school year, Give+Go diverted 20 tons of good material from the landfill!

These local organizations are great to donate and purchase gently used items:

  • Furniture and homegoods are available at Rebuilding Together Saratogaat 132 Milton Ave, Ballston Spa when they’re open, Tues-Fri 10-5 and Sat 10-3. See accepted donation items list below.
      • Solid Color, gently used, 3 person sofas (no sofa beds) 
      • Kitchen and Dining Tables and chairs 
      • Highboy style dressers 
      • Small accent tables 
      • Coffee Tables 
      • Jewelry 
      • Floor Lamps 
      • Small shelving
      • NO antiques or electronics
  • Bikeatogais a community bike rescue and educational workshop located at at 241 Broadway, Saratoga Springs. They’re open Thursday 5-8pm and Saturday 9am-12pm. They offer free or pay-as-you-please used bikes and bike repair.
  • Miscellaneous clothes, homegoods, like dishware and kitchenware can be purchased or donated at Noah’s Attic. This thrift store is located at 10 West High Street, in a brick church in Ballston Spa.

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