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Skidmore College
For International Students

International Student Admissions
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a liberal arts and science college?

The residential liberal arts and sciences college is a uniquely American model for undergraduate study. It is a holistic approach to intellectual and personal growth that encourages engagement across academic disciplines and within all aspects of campus life. This broad approach is different from the vocational/professional preparatory model found at large universities around the world. In the United States, undergraduate programs at universities and colleges share similar characteristics.

According to the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, there are well over 400 undergraduate liberal arts and science colleges in the U.S. These colleges focus their teaching, research, and financial resources on the undergraduate student experience. Liberal arts colleges come in different shapes and sizes, but they share basic characteristics and educational philosophies.

Read What does "liberal arts" mean, anyway? for more information.

Where is Skidmore College located?

Skidmore is in Saratoga Springs, New York, three hours north of New York City. (Also three hours from Boston and Montreal.) The Albany International Airport, serving the Capital District of New York State, is 30 minutes south of Saratoga Springs. Check our out Maps and Directions page to see more.

Virtual Tour

What does the Skidmore campus look like?

Take one of our interactive tours and see for yourself. We have a tour of the main campus, as well as tours of our hometown of Saratoga Springs.

What is the current size of the international population at Skidmore?

Currently there are nearly 300 international students from almost 70 countries. This represents about 13% of the overall student body of 2,500 students. We also have a number of students with U.S. citizenship who enrolled at Skidmore from a high school that is outside of the U.S. and 5% who hold dual passports (U.S. and another country).

Does Skidmore require standardized testing (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo)?

Skidmore College is test-optional. Students may submit either the SAT or ACT if they feel their standardized testing results best represent their academic potential. We will not make any assumptions as to why some students choose to submit scores while others do not; all applicants will be given equal consideration in our holistic evaluation approach.

The College will, however, continue to require standardized testing (SAT or ACT) for the following populations of applicants: International students other than those who have attended an English-language-based school for at least three years (see policy below), homeschooled students, and students attending secondary schools offering written evaluations without accompanying grades.

Specifically, for international students, we require applicants to submit SAT I or ACT scores if English is not your first language and you have not attended a high school for at least three years where English is the only language of instruction.

The TOEFL (96 minimum) or IELTS (7.0 minimum) or Duolingo English Test (120 minimum) is also required if English is not your first language. If you have attended a high school for at least three years where English is the only language of instruction, or if you are enrolled in an IB diploma program, TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo English Test is not required. 

English fluency is required of all students as Skidmore’s liberal arts curriculum is based heavily on written and oral communication. All students must have the ability to communicate inside and outside the classroom.

How do I submit IB or A-level exam results?

Your school counselor or administrator should submit your O-level/IGCSE results and your predicted A-level results. Applicants in an IB program should have their counselor or administrator submit their predicted IB exam results. Your final A-Level or IB exam results should be submitted upon completion if you are admitted and decide to enroll.

Is there college credit for IB or A-level exam results?

If you receive a 5 or higher in a Higher Level IB exam you can receive 4 credits for each result up to a maximum of 16 credits. If you receive a C or higher in an A-level course you can receive 4 credits for that result up to a maximum of 16 credits. If you receive a C or higher in an AS course you can receive 2 credits for that result.

How should I submit documents, and who should send them to your office?

All application documents should be submitted electronically by your school counselor to If you do not have a school counselor, please have a school official such as a principal or administrator submit your documents and complete the secondary school report and counselor recommendation. In order for your SAT, ACT, and TOEFL scores to be considered official, they need to be sent to the admissions office by the testing agency or scanned and emailed by your counselor or school administrator.

What is Skidmore’s policy regarding the use of agents in the admissions process?

The use of agents is not needed to gain admission to Skidmore. As part of our application review process we look closely for any signs of unethical practices in all submitted documents.

Does Skidmore have an Early Decision application program, and can international students apply ED?

Yes. All applicants are eligible to apply for Early Decision.

Does Skidmore offer financial aid to international applicants?

All applicants are eligible for need-based aid. International students who are applying for financial aid must complete the CSS Profile. We offer a very limited amount of aid for international students and therefore it is a highly competitive process. If an international applicant has been admitted and enrolls without aid, they cannot apply for financial aid in the future.

Skidmore is a member of the Davis United World College Scholars Program.

What percentage of applications come from international students?

Skidmore has seen a steady increase in applications from international students in recent years. For the 2017–2018 year we received 3,000 international applications from 126 countries, representing nearly 30% of our applicant pool.

Does Skidmore offer interviews for international applicants?

Due to the volume of international students, we cannot accommodate all requests for off-campus or online interviews. However, we do offer five interview options for international students.

  1. An on-campus interview while visiting.
  2. An interview with a Skidmore Admissions Representative who visits your area.
  3. An online interview for international students, except for those residing in China.
  4. For Chinese applicants, we recommend you use InitialView for your interview.
  5. You may also set up an interview with Vericant.

Does Skidmore accept international transfers from universities outside of the U.S.?

Yes. If you have begun classes at a university as a degree candidate, then you can only apply to Skidmore as a transfer student.

Does Skidmore offer guaranteed housing for all four years for international students?

Yes. Housing is guaranteed for four years for all Skidmore students. Currently 90% of our students live on campus.

How does Skidmore view undocumented students in the application process?

Skidmore College accepts applications from undocumented or DACA students. However, financial aid funds for undocumented and DACA students are extremely limited and highly competitive. The College is committed to meeting the full demonstrated financial need of all admitted students, regardless of citizenship status. To apply for financial aid, undocumented and DACA students must submit the College Board’s CSS Profile.