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Skidmore College
Office of Campus Life and Engagement

Speech, Protest, and Demonstration:
Policies, Resources, & Support

Message from Student Affairs

Dear Students,

Skidmore College, and its leadership, values the right to free speech, assembly, and non-violent protests and demonstrations. In our campus community and our society, it is essential to support and protect the right to make our opinions known, debate, and disagree. We appreciate and support our students’ voices and work to actively challenge racism and all injustice. The College will protect these rights, provided that protestors comply with the law and College policy, do not pose a danger to themselves or others, and do not disrupt the College’s ability to educate and protect its students. Below please find important information regarding student rights and responsibilities, how Skidmore can support student efforts, and campus and other resources.

We understand and appreciate the part protest and demonstration have played in seeking justice in the world and at Skidmore, and we will continue to partner with students on this important work.

Dean Bautista

Organizing On-Campus
For students organizing an on-campus protest or demonstration, the College guidelines are here:

Organizing/Attending Off-Campus Protests and Demonstrations
To organize a demonstration in the City of Saratoga Springs, organizers must complete a "Demonstration Declaration Application." The City's goal is to provide regulations that protect the safety of persons during public demonstrations.

For students planning to engage in any off-campus demonstration or protest, we encourage you to know your rights:

How Skidmore Can Support Students 
There are limitations to what the College can provide when students participate in or attend off-campus protests and demonstrations that are not College-sponsored:

  • Skidmore will always support the rights of students to engage in lawful, non-violent protests and demonstrations.
  • Skidmore denounces the use of violence on the part of anyone on any side of a protest or demonstration.
  • Skidmore cannot prevent local law enforcement agencies from intervening in off-campus protests and demonstrations, including use of force, arresting participants, etc.
  • In circumstances in which an event is deemed illegal, students are subject to law enforcement jurisdiction. If the College is made aware that a student has been arrested a representative from the College will be available to assist the student.
  • Skidmore’s leadership will continue to engage in conversations with the Saratoga community, including law enforcement and political leaders, on behalf of students.

Campus Resources - Who to Contact

  • Attorney, Eleanor Mullaney (Consultant, SGA supported)
    • 518-584-8000
    • Provides students with the opportunity to receive one free legal consultation.
  • Dean of Students, Adrian Bautista
    • 518-580-5760
  • Counseling Center (available 24/7)
    • 518-580-5555
  • Campus Safety (available 24/7)
    • 518-580-5566
  • Religious and Spiritual Life, Parker Diggory
    • 518-580-8340
  • Chief Diversity Officer, Joshua Woodfork
    • 518-580-5700

Skidmore Student initiatives/group organizations

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