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Welcome to Classics at Skidmore!

The study of classical antiquity at Skidmore trains students to hone their analytical, creative, and literary abilities. It also prepares our majors and minors for careers in the dramatic arts, law, museum curating, medicine, publishing, editing, political science, teaching, and business—in short, a solid foundation for life after Skidmore. To study antiquity is to study ourselves. The insights of Greek and Roman thinkers, artists, and writers have shaped Western thought for the last 2,000 years, and when we read and study classical antiquity firsthand we gain a deeper and richer understanding of the human experience.

Making tragedy fun

Hands-on production and staging—including mask-making and playwriting—make Classics 222: Greek Tragedy a big hit. The importance of masks in ancient Greeks’ dramatic toolbox is at the core of an exercise that Dan Curley, associate professor of classics, assigned to the 14 students in his Greek Tragedy course. 

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Homerathon! (a marathon reading of the Greek poet, Homer) is one of the Classics Department’s most anticipated yearly events, a time for students, faculty, staff, and other friends to gather in celebration of our earliest Western poet. Coupled with our Classical World course (CC 200), the Homerathon! reminds us that the ancient art of storytelling is alive and well.