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Skidmore College

After Skidmore
Further Studies

OlympiasIn addition to pursuing a degree in classics, our alumni have continued their studies at a wide range of programs and institutions, earning degrees in history, business, social work, and engineering, among many other disciplines. Here is a sampler of where some of our alumni have continued their education:

  • Babson College, master's in information technology
  • Boston University, Ph.D. in archaeology; master's in opera set design; master's in English
  • Brown University, Ph.D. in mathematics
  • Columbia University Law School; master's in classics
  • Cornell University, master's in urban planning
  • DePaul University Law School
  • Drexel University, master's in arts administration
  • Fordham University, master's in Latin
  • George Mason University, master's in public policy
  • John F. Kennedy University, master's in museum curatorial studies
  • Johns Hopkins University, master's in technology for education
  • London School of Economics, master's in social policy and development
  • Michigan State University, master's in business administration
  • Northeastern University, master's in sociology
  • Northern Arizona University, master's in higher education
  • Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D. in comparative literature
  • Rutgers University, master's in urban planning
  • State University of New York at Albany, master's in social work
  • State University of New York at Buffalo, master's in education
  • Suffolk University Law School, Tufts University, master's in classics
  • U.S. Naval Academy, lieutenant-junior grade
  • University of California at Berkeley, master's in classics; Master's in social work
  • University of California at Los Angeles, classics post-baccalaureate
  • University of Chicago, master's in history
  • University of Exeter, master's in theatre
  • University of Iowa Medical School
  • University of Kansas, master's in classics
  • University of Maine Law School
  • University of Pennyslvania, classics post-baccalaureate; history post-baccalaureate; master's in archaeology
  • University of Southern California, Ph.D. in classics
  • University of Washington, master's in public policy; computer science and engineering; master's in international development
  • University of Wisconsin at Madison, Ph.D. in English