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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

Apply to Become a Peer Mentor

Peer mentors play a crucial role in Skidmore's First-Year Experience; they act as intermediaries between social and academic life, and aid both students and faculty in the classroom as active role models. Anyone interested in becoming a peer mentor should view the roles & responsibilities listed on the info sheet (What is a Peer Mentor?). Please remember that peer mentors may not have any integrity violations on record.

Most peer mentors are selected personally by a faculty member who is planning to teach a seminar; in that case the faculty member simply sends the student's name to the FYE. No action on the part of the student is necessary.

However, in case faculty members have trouble identifying an appropriate peer mentor who can meet the various scheduling requirements, etc., the FYE maintains a list of interested students. Students applying on their own (i.e., without the benefit of faculty selection) must fill out the Peer Mentor Application below. A recommendation from a faculty member is required as part of this application; please ask the faculty member to send it via the following link

If you have questions or to submit handwritten applications, please get in touch with the FYE assistant, Allie: (518) 580.8111, Starbuck 201.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2018