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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

Scribner Seminar Program
Course Description

Freedom Dreams: Black Radical Imagination in the Struggle for Liberation

Instructor(s): Jenni Mueller

For many, the public killings of black citizens and related protests of the past several years have chipped away at, if not shattered the illusion of a “post-racial” America. Today, a new generation of activists have mobilized around a broad-based Movement for Black Lives, extending a centuries-old tradition of black resistance. This course will examine the historical struggle for liberation using the lens of black radical imagination and practice of intergroup dialogue. How do individuals and groups cultivate and nurture freedom dreams in the context of all-encompassing systems of racial oppression? What methods have freedom dreamers used to understand, navigate, and challenge structures of white supremacy and domination, inside and outside the academy? What lessons can we draw today, for tackling the very real obstacles we face not only envisioning, but also talking about and working toward liberation and more socially just worlds? Together we will examine the work of writers, artists, historians, social scientists, filmmakers, legal analysts, philosophers, and grassroots activists – and use structured in-class dialogues, interactive activities, and self-reflective written assignments – to consider how ordinary people work to bring about extraordinary social transformation.


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