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Skidmore College
Information Technology

Black Controller Instructions 

Before class

1. Make sure the computer or other equipment you plan to use is turned on.

2. Press the projector ON button once. Please be patient as it takes at least 30 seconds for the projector to be ready for use.

image 1

3. Select the appropriate input button to activate the desired equipment.

image 2

4. “The 7 second rule:” when switching inputs, you must wait at least 7 seconds after pushing an input button in order for the switch to occur.

5. If using a computer, login with your Skidmore credentials. If another user is logged in, please log him/her out first.

End of class

1. Log out of the computer.

2. Turn off the projector by pressing the OFF button.

image 3

3. Please place equipment back into place. The mouse should be stored on the shelf in front of the keyboard so that it does not fall behind the shelf.

 image 4

When troubleshooting

Remember the “7 second rule” – when you push an input button on the console, you must wait at least 7 seconds for the switch to occur. Pushing another button during this timeframe could cause a delay or prevent you from obtaining the desired output.