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Skidmore College
Risk Management

International Insurance for Students

Students that travel internationally with Off-Campus Study & Exchanges or who are sponsored/funded by the College for international internships, research, service learning and volunteer opportunities, conferences and other sanctioned activities are covered by the College's international insurance.
Sponsoring Department should contact Risk Management at 518-580-5812 or at to enroll students in this coverage (at least 2 weeks prior to departure).

High-Risk Travel Destinations
Travel to destinations that the United States Department of State (DOS) have ranked Advisory Level four (4) "Do Not Travel" are prohibited for all student international travel.
Destinations with a DOS Advisory Level three (3) “Reconsider Travel” and/or the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) designated Level (3) Travel Health Notice are also prohibited.
Note: Consideration will be given for DOS Level three destinations following a formal risk assessment based on a Petition completed by the student.  If interested, sponsoring departments should contact Risk Management at 518-580-5812 or at for a petition.