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Skidmore College
Risk Management

Motor vehicle policy: personal vehicle usage            

An individual who drives his or her personal vehicle on college business or to/from a college activity is responsible for his or her own safety as well as the safety of any passengers. The college bears no responsibility for the operation or operating condition of personal vehicles and expects drivers of personal vehicles to comply with applicable local, state and federal laws.

The owner of the vehicle must carry at least the minimum automobile liability limits required by state law. The owner’s automobile liability coverage shall be the primary insurance coverage. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for any applicable deductible (e.g., liability or collision coverage) and is responsible for any increased personal automobile insurance premiums as a result of any accidents. There is no physical damage coverage through the college for personal vehicles. The college reimburses the use of a personal vehicle for official college business at the standard mileage rate published annually by the college. The rate is intended to cover all costs associated with owning a vehicle, including physical damage insurance.

Claims arising from use of a personal vehicle are to be reported to the owner’s insurance agent. In the event of a serious or potentially serious claim, the Office of Risk Management should also be notified.