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Risk Management

Sample ImageMotor Vehicle Policy

UPDATED: Summary Guidance - Use of Fleet Vehicles

  • Permitted for all College-sponsored use, which currently includes College-related use by faculty and staff, class fieldtrips, internships for Skidmore credit, student-teaching for Skidmore credit, athletic competitions and practices, SGA club use and community service, religious activities, as well as certain medical and dietary needs at the discretion of the sponsoring faculty/staff with oversight by the College Fleet Vehicle Committee. 
  • When reserving a vehicle, students must list a sponsoring department and faculty/staff contact for verification purposes. 
  • Cannot be used for personal recreational activities.
  • No student overnight travel is permitted.
  • The driver is required to keep the interior of the car clean at all times. Cleaning kits, including garbage bags and disinfecting wipes, will be stored in each vehicle's trunk.
  • If the vehicle is not returned at the expected time and in the expected return condition, fleet privileges can be revoked.
  • The above Summary Guidance is overseen by the College Fleet Vehicle Committee.

Motor Vehicle Policy endorsed by the Safety Committee, July 2013, and administered by the Risk Management office.

The purpose of the motor vehicle policy is to set forth the requirements applicable to all drivers of Skidmore college-owned, -leased, or -rented vehicles or of personal vehicles while on college business. This policy applies to all college faculty, staff and students and is intended to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers and the public as well as to minimize losses, damages and claims against the college.

Driving a Skidmore College-owned, -leased or -rented vehicle is a privilege, and the college reserves the right to deny or revoke the driving privileges of any driver in the event that the driver does not meet the requirements of this policy.

All authorized drivers, and those who wish to become authorized, are strongly encourage to review the policy.