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Skidmore College

Program Overview

Try college on before taking college on!

By enrolling in the Pre-College Program high school students get a head start on college life by living and learning with other exceptional students from across the country and around the world. Along with their diverse backgrounds and experiences, all share a common interest in exploring the academic and social aspects of college life—discovering what it's like to take courses with college students, to live in a college residence hall, and to meet new people from places near and far.

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Skidmore is well known not only as a highly selective liberal arts college but also as one with a studio art program that rivals those of the best fine arts colleges. Skidmore's unique curriculum offers students the opportunity to pursue one of three academic tracks: 2 liberal arts courses, two studio art courses, or one of each. In addition to the coursework in the Studio Arts, Pre-College students can also take full advantage of the Summer Studio Art Program, which offers special workshops and hosts visiting artists, gallery talks and more, creating a vibrant community that attracts both serious art students and those engaged in exploration.