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Summer Pre-College

Student Profiles

David Glassman '17

Q&A with Pre-College Grad David Glassman '17

"I would recommend the Pre-College Program for many reasons: the rigorous coursework which forces one to think outside of the box, the close-knit community of students from many different backgrounds, the beautiful town of Saratoga Springs, which is a wonderful place to spend the summer, and the ease of transition to college, especially Skidmore."


Mary Brimmer '19

Q&A with Pre-College Grad Mary Brimmer '19

"Pre-College inspired me academically. Once I knew what type of environment there was waiting for me outside of high school, it became my motivation and my focus. I wanted all my high school courses to feel like college courses. I wanted to participate, to engage, and to learn. Every experience became a learning opportunity, a chance to connect and to excel."


Joshua Sager '18

Q&A with Pre-College Grad Joshua Sager '18

"Best part of Pre-College: I really liked the sense of community that the program fostered. The biggest challenge I faced was the difference in the quality of work expected between high school and college. It certainly helped me raise my level, and my writing definitely improved."


Tyler Crowe '18

Q&A with Pre-College Grad Tyler Crowe '18

"I recommend the Pre-College Program 100%. It was truly one of the best summers of my life. The bonds you make and the memories are unforgettable. The professors and the staff are amazing people, and they will make you feel really welcomed at Skidmore."


Jasmin Fowler-Puja '19

Q&A with Pre-College Grad Jasmin Fowler-Puja '19

"Being in an environment in which I was in total control of how I handled homework, extra-curriculars, social time, and even downtime, was an important experience. I was homeschooled throughout my pre-collegiate years, and after Pre-College a lot of my time-management was up to me. Pre-College gave me a really good foundation for organizing my activities and obligations to the best of my potential."


Emily Bogdan '19

Q&A with Pre-College Grad Emily Bogdan '19

"Pre-College is the main reason I chose to attend Skidmore. I had such an amazing time in the program that I was pretty much set on wanting to go here, and I ended up successfully applying Early Decision. Being able to experience Skidmore fulltime for five weeks really helped me know what it would be like to be here for four years."


Ariel Saloman '19

Q&A with Pre-College Grad Ariel Salmon '19

"I definitely recommend the program. The classes were hard but because there were only two, I had free time and was able to hang out with friends and go into town. It was one of the best summers of my life!"