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Skidmore College
Office of the Registrar

Transfer Credit Approval Process

Matriculated students who wish to take courses during summer/winter sessions at institutions other than Skidmore College and apply these courses to their Skidmore degree may obtain approval from the Office of the Registrar before leaving campus.

Students should submit a completed Transfer Credit Approval Form for review and arrange to have the other institution send an official copy of the final transcript to the Skidmore Office of the Registrar. Please Do Not Assume Courses Will Be Transferred.

The following policies apply:

1. Courses must be taken at a regionally accredited, degree granting, institution. Courses taken at a community college may not fulfill maturity level requirements and only 4 maturity level credits can be earned each summer. Students may elect to complete work at institutions in other states, and it is often more convenient to enroll for the summer or winter at an institution close to home. 

2. A maximum of 16 credits can be earned in a summer: 8 in one session + 8 in a second session (8 credits is the limit for winter term). Sessions 1 and 2 may not overlap more than 10 days.

3. A grade of "C" or better is required for transfer credit. (C- does not meet this requirement.) If courses are taken on a pass/fail basis, information must be provided showing that the policy of the institution concerned is that a pass equals a "C" or better.

4. Faculty advisor and Office of the Registrar approval is required. The chairperson of the appropriate department must also approve courses fulfilling major/minor requirements. If the student wishes to enroll in a course that has no Skidmore equivalent or wishes to apply a course to an all-College requirement such as lab science or foreign language, the appropriate chairperson's signature is required.

5. Courses taken in disciplines not offered at Skidmore are evaluated in consultation with department chairpersons. Courses in liberal arts may be granted credit as electives. Courses in technical or professional areas usually are not transferable. Courses already completed at Skidmore may not be repeated for credit.

6. An official transcript is required before credit can be awarded. It is the student's responsibility to arrange to have one sent from the institution to Skidmore.

7. Grades earned at the other insitution will appear on the student's Skidmore transcript, but are not used in the calculation of the Skidmore grade point average.

To review the Transfer Credit Policy in full, please click here Transfer Credit Policy