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Skidmore College
Office of the Registrar

Checklist of Degree Requirements                      (Catalog 2019 and prior)

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Interdisciplinary Requirement

Scribner Seminar Program: Complete during the fall semester for the first year of study. (4 Semester Hours)

Foundation Requirements

Expository Writing: Complete one course, either EN105, EN105H, EN110, or a course designated as EW by the end of the sophomore year. Students who need the preparation of EN103 must complete this course during the first year of study. In some cases, students may be required to complete certain preparatory courses in their first semester, prior to enrolling in EN103.  (4-11 Semester Hours) (Students also complete a writing requirement in the major.)

Quantitative Reasoning 1: Complete through standardized test scores or by passing the
Skidmore Quantitative Reasoning Exam by the end of the freshman year, or by completing MA100 by the end of the sophomore year. (0-3 Semester Hours)

Quantitative Reasoning 2: Complete one course designated as QR2 by the end of the junior year. (3-4 Semester Hours)

Breadth Requirements

All Breadth requirements must be completed prior to graduation.

Natural Sciences: Complete one course with laboratory designated in biology, chemistry,
exercise science, geoscience, physics, psychology, and other disciplines.
 (3-4 Semester Hours)

The Arts: Complete one course for 2, 3, or 4 credits (or two 1-credit courses) that involves
the creation or performance of an artwork. Courses designated in studio (visual) art, creative
writing, dance, music, theater, and other disciplines.
 (2-4 Semester Hours)

Humanities: Complete one course designated in art history, classics, dance (history and
theory), literature (in English and in other languages), music (history and theory), philosophy,
religion, theater (history and theory), and other disciplines.
 (3-4 Semester Hours)

Social Sciences: Complete one course designated in American studies, anthropology,
economics, government, history, sociology, and other disciplines. (3-4 Semester Hours)

Culture-Centered Inquiry

All of these requirements must be completed prior to graduation.

Foreign Language: Complete one course in a foreign language designated in the departments of Classics or World Languages and Literatures. The course must be appropriate to the student’s level of language expertise as determined by Advanced Placement, Achievement Test/SATII, or Skidmore placement test scores. (3-4 Semester Hours)

Complete One of the Following:

Non-Western Cultures: Complete one course (3 or 4 credits), designated among various disciplines, that
explores a non-Western culture.

Cultural Diversity: Complete one course (3 or 4 credits), designated among various disciplines, that
compares two markedly different cultures, one of which must be non-Western in origin.

Other Degree Requirements (Consult the Skidmore College Catalog):

Major Requirements: Declaration and satisfaction of all requirements for a major.

Liberal Arts Requirement: For the B.A. degree at least 90 semester hours of credit
designated as "liberal arts"; for the B.S. degree at least 60 semester hours of "liberal arts"
credit. For criteria governing double majors, see the Catalog or the Academic Information Guide.

Maturity-Level Requirement: Successful completion of at least 24 semester hours of
300-level credit taken at Skidmore College. At least 12 hours of the 300-level work must
be completed in the senior year, at least 6 of the twelve in the major (for a double major,
must complete 6 hours in each major during the senior year). Student may petition the
Committee on Academic Standing for a small amount of 300-level credit taken at another
college (for example, for study abroad).

Grade Point Standards: At least a 2.00 cumulative average for all course work completed at Skidmore, and at least a 2.00 GPA in each major and/or minor.

Total Semester Hours of Credit: At least 120 semester hours of credit for the Skidmore
degree, at least 60 of which must be completed in Skidmore courses (including all work
done in the senior year).

A Note on Double Counting of Courses:
As indicated in the Catalog and in the Master Schedule of Courses, courses may be double counted across the following categories of the core curriculum: courses may double count for two (and only two) of the categories Expository Writing (EW), Quantitative Reasoning 2 (QR2), Culture-Centered Inquiry (Foreign Language, non-Western, and Cultural Diversity), and the courses in Natural Sciences, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. For example, as officially indicated by the College, certain Science courses may also fulfill the QR2 requirement; some writing courses (EW) might also fulfill a Social Science requirement; some Arts courses might also count as non-Western. No course may be triple counted. Students must check carefully to be certain of the approved double-counting options. There are other limitations on double-counting within the majors, minors, and double majors. Carefully consult the Catalog, work closely with your advisor, and refer to your degree audit often. Students are ultimately responsible for understanding and completing all degree requirements.