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Skidmore College
Office of the Registrar

Course Withdrawl Process

Withdrawal From A Course -- points to remember

  • Beginning with the Class of 2003, students may withdraw from a maximum of TWO courses during their academic career at Skidmore.
  • Withdrawals are required after the second week of classes and prior to final 3 weeks of the Fall or Spring classes. Signatures of the Advisor and Instructor are required, as is Committee on Academic Standing (CAS) approval.
  • The grade of "W" will appear on the student's permanent record, but will not be figured in the grade point average. No credit is earned. Progress toward the degree is affected by a reduction in credit hours completed. Full time status is not affected.
  • Forms are available in the Registrar's Office and must be returned to that office for approval from CAS.
  • Students receiving a grade of "W" are considered financially liable for that course.
  • Withdrawal from a course during the last 3 weeks of the fall or spring semesters, with the permission of the instructor and CAS approval, is considered as withdrawal failing and recorded as "WF" on the transcript. The "WF" is figured into the grade point average as an "F".
  • You may find printable versions of the withdrawal forms on the Registrar's Online Forms page.