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Skidmore College
Office of the Registrar

Semester Grade Web Access and Mailing

  • Semester grades are available to students for viewing and printing online within the Skidmore Student System.  Students can share their online grades with their parents at any time. 

  • As a courtesy to non-custodial parents, with the written permission of the student, we will mail a grade report at the end of each semester   The non-custodial parent's name and address must be included in the request.  The student can fill out a short form in the Registrar’s office or an email can be sent to from the student’s Skidmore email account.
  • Any request remains in effect until revoked by another written request from the student.

  • Please refer to the Family Rights and Privacy Act of the College Catalog for additional policy information regarding release of information to parents or other family members.