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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

Scribner Seminar Program
Seminar Titles 2009-10

Below is an alphabetical listing of the Scribner Seminars offered in Fall 2009. Descriptions of the seminars are linked* to the titles, and the number to the left is the section number of the course; during registration, these numbers distinguish each seminar within the SSP 100 class listing. 

Please keep in mind that some Scribner Seminars may have a class time or 4th credit hour session in the late afternoon or early evening.  The link below will list those courses that may pose conflicts for you during those times.  Please be sure and discuss your choices with your summer advisor if you feel there may be a conflict with something else in your schedule.

*Please confirm class days and times with the Registrar's Master Schedule as it contains the most up-to-date information available. 

London Program

Paint, Potential and Power: The London Experience for American Artists
Instructor: Paul Sattler

Contemporary British Politics from an Outsider's Perspective
Instructor: Bob Turner

(001) American Dreams
Instructor: Barbara Black
W/F 12:20-2:10PM

(002) American Liberty
Instructor: Beau Breslin
M/W 2:30-4:20PM

(003) American Taste
Instructor: Mary Lynn
W/F 12:20-2:10PM

(004) Animals in History
Instructor: Tillman Nechtman
W/F 12:20-1:40PM
M 12:20-1:15PM

(005) Chinese Wisdom
Instructor: Margaret Pearson
W/F 12:20-2:10PM

(006) Human Colonization of Space
Instructor: Mary Crone-Odekon
TU/TH 9:40-11:00AM
M 9:05-10:00AM

(007) Mind Design
Instructor: Flip Phillips
TU/TH 2:10-3:30PM
W 5:30-6:30PM

(008) Detective Fictions; Dark Designs
Instructor: John Anzalone
M/W 2:30-4:20PM

(009) Diabetes and Obesity
Instructor: T. H. Reynolds
M/W 2:30-4:20PM

(010) Making Theater in a Digital Age
Instructor: Will Bond
TU/TH 2:10-3:30PM
M 9:05-10:00AM

(012) Eros and Belonging
Instructor: Flagg Taylor
TU/TH 11:10AM-12:30PM
TH 8:00-9:00PM

(014) Faces of Capitalism
Instructor: Pushkala Prasad
M/W 2:30-4:20PM

(015) Food, Self, and Society
Instructor: Kenji Tierney
W/F 12:20-1:40PM
M 12:20-1:15PM

(016) Gender & "God Talk"
Instructor: Mary Stange
TU/TH 9:10-11:00AM

(017) Living in a Green World
Instructor: David Domozych
M/W 4:00-5:50PM

(018) Lives of The Hudson
Instructor: Tom Lewis
TU/TH 3:40-5:30PM

(019) Hollywood Science
Instructor: Kyle Nichols
W/F 12:20-2:10PM

(021) Hudson: Sci, Soc, & Art
Instructor: Judy Halstead
TU/TH 9:10AM-11:00AM

(022) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Pat Hilleren
TU/TH 2:10-3:30PM
M 1:25PM-2:20PM

(023) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Mary DiSanto-Rose
M/W 2:30-3:30PM
M 1:25-2:20PM

(025) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Sue Layden
TU/TH 11:10 AM-12:30PM
M 1:25-2:20PM

(029) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Kate Berheide
M/W 2:30-3:50PM
M 1:25-2:20PM

(028) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Peter McCarthy
TU/TH 2:10-3:30PM
M 1:25-2:20PM

(024) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Roy Rotheim
TU/TH 2:10-3:30PM
M 1:25-2:20PM

(027) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Sheldon Solomon
TU/TH 2:10-3:30PM
M 1:25-2:20PM

(026) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Mark Youndt
W/F 8:40-10:00AM
M 1:25-2:20PM

(030) Human Origins
Instructor: Phyllis Roth
TU/TH 3:40-5:00PM

(031) Industry & Innovation
Instructor: Tim Harper
M/W 4:00-5:50PM

(032) Ireland: Myth, Reality
Instructor: Jim Kennelly
TU/TH 9:40-11:00AM
T 6:00-7:00PM

(033) Italy, Fascism, Jews
Instructor: Shirley Smith
TU/TH 9:40-11:00AM
M 5-6PM

(034) Japanese Animation
Instructor: Masako Inamoto
TU/TH 2:10-3:30PM
W 5:00-7:00PM

(035) Leather, Paper, Lead
Instructor: Kate Leavitt
TU/TH 3:40-5:30PM

(036) Love & Lust
Instructor: Hassan Lopez
M/W 2:30-4:20PM

(037) Made in God's Image
Instructor: Penny Jolly
W/F 12:20-1:40PM
M 12:20-1:15PM

(038) Makings of the Hudson
Instructor: Rik Scarce
M/W 2:30-4:20PM

(039) Music Between Us
Instructor: Gordon Thompson
W/F 8:40-10:00AM
M 9:05-10:00AM

(040) Patterns and Symmetry
Instructor: Dan Hurwitz
W/F 12:20-1:40PM
M 12:20-1:15PM

(041) Pixelated
Instructor: Deb Hall
TU/TH 3:40-5:30

(042) Sex & Ancient City
Instructor: Jackie Murray
TU/TH 11:10AM-12:30PM
M 11:15AM-12:10PM

(043) Social Justice
Instructor: Ginny Berman
TU/TH 3:40-5:30PM

(044) The Good War?
Instructor: Daniel Swift
W 5:00-6:00PM

(045) Travel Writing & Identity
Instructor: Adrienne Zuerner
TU/TH 9:10AM-11:00AM

(046) Serious Games: Voting & Game Theory
Instructor: David Vella
TU/TH 9:40-11:00AM
M 9:05-10:00AM

(050) Earth System Evolution
Instructor: Richard Lindemann
TU/TH 12:40-2:00PM