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Skidmore College
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Scribner Seminar Program
Course Description

Living in a Green World

Instructor(s): David Domozych, Biology

Description: The 21st century offers many opportunities and challenges for humans and their interactions with plants, fungi and protists. Do genetically modified crops provide the answer for world agriculture? Are the ever-increasing harmful algal blooms creating an environmental menace to our oceans, fisheries and drinking water? Can “pharming” the rainforests provide new and improved medicines? Do the extirpation of living resources and the prolific bioinvasion of exotic species present untenable ramifications for our ecosystems? The origin and development of civilization ultimately has relied on humankind’s interactions with, and harnessing of, plants, fungi and protists. Students in this seminar will explore present and future applications of these organisms in human affairs. Topics include modern agricultural, medicinal, and ecological aspects of applied plant science and mycology.

Course Offered