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Office of the Registrar

Transfer Student Frequently Asked Questions: 

• What previous academic work will transfer to Skidmore?

Courses completed at other accredited colleges and universities, which are similar in content and depth to Skidmore courses, may be approved as transfer credit. Courses in technical or professional areas are usually not transferable.

• How many credits can I transfer?

No more than 60 semester hours from other institutions can be applied to Skidmore’s 120-credit hour graduation requirement. Credit cannot be granted for courses with grades lower than C.Courses in which the student earned a “Pass” or “Satisfactory” grade may be considered with the proviso that the institution awarding the grade considered the pass or satisfactory as equivalent to a C or better. Original grades from the prior institution will not be included in the Skidmore grade point average; however, they will be included on the official Skidmore transcript. Please click on the link for additional information regarding Skidmore's Transfer Credit Policy.

• Did my courses fulfill any of the all-college requirements?

To see how your courses transferred, you will need to run a Degree Audit. For directions on how to run a Degree Audit, click here . This form will show you Skidmore’s all-college requirements and which, if any, have been met. Check the Earned Hours on your degree audit to see if all the credits have been added. If not all your credits have been applied, your final transcript might not have arrived. Email Paula Puckett at to see if your final transcript has been processed. Transfer students must complete all requirements for the Skidmore degree, including the all-college sequence, with the exception of the Scribner Seminar for students entering with at least one semester of full-time college study (12 or more credits).

• Will my courses count toward my major?

Individual departments determine the number of transfer credits used toward major requirements. Students who expect to use transfer credits to fulfill major requirements should consult with the chair of the major department after arriving on campus.

• Are credits from the International Baccalaureate Program and Advanced Placement accepted?

Effective for students entering in Fall 2006 and after, Skidmore College will grant up to four credit hours toward graduation to those achieving a grade of 4 or 5 on an Advanced Placement Test of the College Entrance Examination Board. Such credit will count as elective credit toward the degree. Individual departments may award credit toward the major. Inquiries should be directed to the chair of the department in question. Students may earn up to a total of 16 semester hours of credit from AP tests.

The college will grant four semester hours of credit for each examination taken at the Advanced (“A”) Level of the British General Certificate of Education on which the student received a grade of C or better. In addition, four semester hours of credit will be granted for each Higher Level Examination in the International Baccalaureate Program on which a student earned a score of 5, 6, or 7. As with Advanced Placement exams, a student may earn up to a total of 16 semester hours of credit.

In the event that a student has completed both Advanced Placement and work through either A Levels or the International Baccalaureate, the total number of credits accepted toward the degree is 16. A maximum of twelve semester hours of credit may be granted through subject examinations of the College Level Examination Program. All such examinations presented must be taken prior to enrollment at Skidmore.

• Who will be my advisor?

Your summer advisor is your initial contact to assist you with academic planning. Most transfer students are assigned initially to a classroom instructor or to the chairperson of the department of an anticipated major.

• When is orientation?

The Transfer Student Orientation Schedule will be available online.

• Will my previous math course fulfill the AQR requirement?

See the Quantitative Reasoning page -

• How do I register?

You will receive a registration packet in the mail with academic information and registration procedures. Prior to registering for classes, the Office of Academic Advising will assign you an academic advisor to help you with academic planning.  

~ Additional Resources ~

Below are links that will provide additional information and access to a Skidmore representative to answer your questions and concerns. You can also click under “Current Students” to locate a list of student resources.

• Office of the Registrar – 518-580-5710.

• Office of Academic Advising – 518-580-5720

• Financial Aid/Student Employment – 518-580-5750

• Residential Life – 518-580-5765

• Department of Campus Safety – 518-580-5567 (Parking)

• Bursar’s Office – 518-580-5830

• List of Skidmore Clubs and Organizations