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Peer Academic Coaching Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaching for Environmental Studies and Sciences

Support for Most es/ess classes

Peer Academic Coaches available to help you develop your content knowledge and study skills pertaining to the environment.  There is no need to sign up.  Simply click on the link below to join our session during the scheduled times.  We look forward to seeing you! 


Sunday - 7-9PM Monday - 7-9PM Tuesday 7-9PM Wednesday 7-9PM Thursday 7-9PM
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September 2020



Jacob AdamsJacob Adams '21 - ES/ESS PAC Captain

Major: Environmental Science

About me: Two things about me that pretty much define who I am are my love for the outdoors and my love for- wait for it- Pokemon Go. If you find me around campus or in the woods, there's a good chance I'm either staring at a tree or staring at a Pokemon. I'm also on the Frisbee Team, Academic Council, and in Environmental Action Club.

Favorite class and why: My favorite class I have taken so far at school has probably been ES 205: Forest Ecosystem Science. I learned so much about forest ecology and the amazing ways forests live and thrive today.

Academic advice: One piece of advice I recommend students is to always ask questions. I would not be here without questioning what I know and asking what I don't. Whether during lecture or outside of class, seeking answers to what you don't know is a great way to learn. .

Olivia BersonOlivia Berson '21

Major: Environmental Studies

Minor: Anthropology and Spanish

About me: I am the Arts and Entertainment Section editor for Skidmore News and work in the Sustainability Office. I also love photography and being in nature, so much so that I got a camera tattooed on my ankle!

Why PAC: I wanted to join PAC because I want to help others learn about what I love most in the environmental studies and sciences field!

Favorite class and why: My favorite class has been my Environmental Justice in the Capital class that I took this past semester. We got to work with a community in Albany and create a project that will ravel the world and share their story about the injustice they are facing with a power plant being put in their community. It felt like we were actually making a difference and were really engaged in advocacy.

Academic advice: My advice would be to not worry about getting perfect scores or grades; what matters most, is that you love what you are learning and you understand it to the best that you can.

Shay KolodneyShay Kolodney '21

Currently Abroad

About me: I love to spend time in nature hiking, relaxing, and exploring. I spend a lot of time playing the piano and listening to music.

Why PAC: I joined PAC because I attended ES PAC throughout my time at Skidmore and I truly believe it is a great way to learn and grow with fellow ES students.

Favorite class and why: My favorite class at Skidmore so far has been Forest Ecology. We spent a great amount of time outside examining forests.

Academic advice: My best academic advice to any of my peers would be to look for a balance in everything you do. For example, getting outside is a great way to destress and rejuvenate for even more motivation behind your studies and academics. 

Ruthann RichardsRuthann Richards '21

Major: Environmental Science

Minor: Political Science and Computer Science

About me: I am from the Washington DC area, am Jamaican, and I am a self proclaimed nerd. :)

Why PAC?  I wanted to join PAC to support those in classes that I had previously enjoyed. I hope to help people like environmental science more by doing this.

Favorite class and why: State and Local Government with Bob Turner! It was so challenging and practical to what I want to do with my life.

Academic advice: Try your best to plan ahead and don't be afraid to tell professors your dreams and passions. It is quite possible that they can help you achieve them.

Sammi SmithSammi Smith '21

Currently Abroad

Major: Environmental Science

About me: At Skidmore, I enjoy playing for the Ultimate Frisbee Team and being a DJ for the school radio station, WSPN 91.1, (tune in!). My hobbies include hiking, camping, and playing the guitar. In my free time, you can usually find me eating Ben & Jerry's or enjoying the outdoors.

Why PAC: I am excited to join PAC to help my peers study and develop skills that can translate to all different subjects and classes in the future.

Favorite class and why: My favorite class at Skidmore has been Environmental Philosophy. We discussed human relation and obligation to the Earth and the environment, a subject that interests me.

Academic advice: My best academic advice to other students is to find a balance of work and personal time to maximize productivity and happiness.