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Skidmore College
Health Services

Immunization Services 

At Health Services we stock and can administer several routine vaccines.  Fees depend on your specific insurance.  Students with: 

  • Skidmore’s CDPHP insurance: Charge will be billed to the insurance with no charge to the student.
  • All other insurance: Students will pay the fee listed below (by tuition account, Skid Card, or cash) and then can submit to their insurance or medical spending account for reimbursement. 
Immunizations offered at Health Services:
  • Hepatitis A - $40
  • Hepatitis B - $40
  • Hepatitis A & B - $70
  • Meningitis (Menveo ACWY) - $110
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) - $70
  • Tetanus (Tdap) - $40
  • Typhoid – injection (can be ordered upon request) - approx $110 

HPV vaccines are not carried at Health Services.  With insurance (including the College’s CDPHP health insurance) you can receive this vaccine through Walgreen’s on Rt 50 in Saratoga. 



Tuberculosis Skin Testing (TST) -(also known as PPD testing) is often required for travel, internships, and employment in healthcare and childcare facilities. 

  • Available for $10.00
  • Requires 2 visits – initial visit and a return visit for interpretation of results 2-3 days later 

Students’ PPD results can be found in their Health Services Portal.