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Polio is a virus that can cause:

  • flu-like symptoms (sore throat, fever, tiredness, nausea, vomiting)
  • no symptoms
  • paralysis or meningitis (infection of the covering of the spinal cord and/or brain) in severe cases

For the last 30 years there have been no known cases of polio which have originated in the United States due to excellent vaccine administration and efficacy.  In July 2022 a case of paralysis due to polio occurred in an unvaccinated adult (without travel history) and lead to the discovery that there were many more polio cases going undetected in New York State, and possibly elsewhere.   This raises the importance of being sure you are protected by being up to date on vaccination.

At this time polio vaccination is not a vaccination required by Skidmore College.

If you’ve received routine childhood vaccines in the US polio was likely part of that.  You can confirm whether you’ve received the polio vaccine by checking immunization records:

                IPV – this is the abbreviation for the vaccine given in the US.  It will be alone or in combination with other vaccines.  It needs to be given 4 different times prior to age 18 OR 3 different times after age 18.

                OPV – this type of polio vaccine is often given outside the US.  It also needs to be administered 4 different times before age 18.

If you have never received polio vaccination, or have questions about your vaccination record, Health Services can help.  Please use the “Request an appointment” button through the Health Services Portal.  Please have your full immunization record available.

For additional information on polio visit: