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Skidmore College
Health Services

Medications and Supplies

After an evaluation by one of our health care providers, a 24 hour supply of most over-the-counter medications may be dispensed to Skidmore students at no charge.

If one of our health care providers prescribes a medication for you, it will usually be available from our limited pharmacy for a nominal fee. For chronic medications, or if we do not carry the needed prescription, you will need to access a local pharmacy. There are numerous pharmacies in the area around Skidmore, including a 24 hour-pharmacy. If you are having any difficulties obtaining a needed prescription, please let us know, and we will assist you in any way possible.

We administer most common immunizations and can provide nebulizer therapy. There may be a fee for these services. We also maintain a limited supply of medical supplies that can be purchased at a discounted rate.

We prescribe or dispense medications only to Skidmore students being seen at Health Services.

Crutches, canes, and nebulizers are available on loan from our office. There is no fee for this service if you return the borrowed items within a two week period.

O'Tom Tick Twisters (2/package) are available for $5.00 at Health Services (removes ticks from humans, dogs, cats, and horses.) Payment options include cash, Skidmore ID Declining Balance Card, or Student Account (tuition bill).