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Skidmore College
Health Services

Medications and Supplies


Health Services can prescribe or dispense medications only to Skidmore students being seen at Health Services. 

Medications offered in Health Services: After an evaluation by one of our health care providers, certain prescription medications and many common over-the-counter medications can be dispensed to students. Students will be charged a small fee for most medications provided by Health Services.  These fees are less than or comparable to over-the-counter or co-pay prices (usually $5-$10). Students can pay by cash, Skid Card, or charge to their Student Account (tuition bill). 

Prescriptions sent to local pharmacies: If Health Services does not carry a needed medication or a certain medication is needed long-term, prescriptions can be sent to a local pharmacy. There are numerous pharmacies near campus, including a 24 hour-pharmacy (CVS on Congress Street). If you are having any difficulties obtaining a needed prescription, please let us know so that we can assist you.  

*Please note that Health Services does not provide prescriptions for stimulant medications at this time. 

Medication storage: Students are expected to store their medications within their living space, including refrigerated medications. 

Assistance with self-administered medications: Health Services can assist students learning how to self-administer medications for up to four visits. Students who wish to administer their own medications in a private space can use an exam room in our office. We can also supply and dispose of sharps containers for students who wish to administer their medications outside of Health Services.


We maintain a selection of medical supplies that can be purchased at a discounted rate, including splints and braces.Tick removers (O'Tom Tick Twisters, 2/package) are available for $5.00 at Health Services (removes ticks from humans, dogs, cats, and horses.) Payment options include cash, Skid Card, or Student Account (tuition bill). 

Students can also borrow the following from Health Services: 

  • crutches 
  • canes 
  • electric heating pads 
  • automatic blood pressure cuffs  
  • nebulizer machines  

There is no fee for this service if you return the borrowed items within an agreed upon time period.