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Skidmore College

Skidmore College Health and Safety Guidelines - Painting Studios



Saisselin Art Center has 24 hour secure access through a swipe card system
The following exterior doors will be unlocked at 7:00 AM and locked at 11:00 PM, Monday through Friday:

  • Loading dock entrance
  • First floor entrance adjacent to Ceramics and Fiber Arts
  • Main west entrance from the covered walkway
  • First floor east entrance by Filene

After 11:00 PM students must use their swipe cards to enter the building.


Only those students currently registered in a course may have access to this studio, its tools and materials.  All others must receive individual permission from the Professor prior to using any tool or material within this facility.  For safety reasons, your friends, family, etc. cannot be permitted to remain in the studio when it is being used.


Read and follow all Studio Safety Guidelines for the Department of Art posted in the hallways.

Smoking in all studios is expressly forbidden.

Never work in this studio if you are:

  • Under the influence of any drug (including alcohol)
  • Over-tired or distracted


  • Gamsol and Livos are the only solvents permitted
  • Dispose of solvents in the 5 gallon containers only
  • Caps must be secured on solvent jars when not in use.
  • No Flake White or any paint containing lead allowed.   
  • Balconies must be left clear & empty
  • No smoking on the balcony
  • Make sure easel screws are fully tightened and secure before and after moving and after adjusting


  • Scrapings from palette should be disposed of in red cans
  • Do not rinse paint down the drain.  Clean brushes thoroughly before going to sink to rinse them.  No paint residue should be left in the sink.  Wipe sink clean after using.
  • All rags/paper towels saturated with linseed oil, mediums, or solvent must be disposed of in the red covered containers.
  • All sharps must be disposed of in the designated yellow plastic container.
  • Keep floor free of accumulated clutter and debris.
  • Keep your work areas clean.
  • Keep yellow egress areas clear.  Do not block with easels or taborets.


  • Any waste products poured down the drain must be approved by Saratoga County Sewer and Water and city engineer.
  • Only put approved substances down sink drains. Check with your professor to determine what is appropriate to put down sink.
  • Saratoga Country Sewer and Water District authorities control and monitor what waste products can be poured down drains in order to keep water resources safe and sustainable.