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Bake Sale/Student-Prepared Foods & Catering

New York State allows the sale of home baked goods to consumers, but places certain restrictions on what types of bakery items a home processor can produce and where those products can be sold in order to protect the general public. If you want to sell home baked goods in New York, you are limited to breads, rolls, cookies, cakes, brownies, fudge and double-crusted pies. Additionally, while you can sell your goodies at farmer's markets, farm stands, flea markets, craft fairs and similar venues, the home food processor's exemption from standard food processing regulations does not allow Internet sales.
For specifics, please reference the NY Department of Health regulations for Non-Profit Food Establishments.

Students interested in selling food products for a profit should also refer to the fundraising policy.

Licensing exemption is limited to non-potentially hazardous foods such as:
- Bakery products for wholesale sales; i.e. bread, rolls, cookies, brownies, fudge, double-crust fruit pies and cakes which require no refrigeration
- Jams, jellies, marmalades or similar products
- Candy (not chocolate)
- Spices or herbs
- Snack items such as popcorn, caramel corn and peanut brittle

This means only foods that are not potentially hazardous may be sold or provided. Hazardous foods include foods that contain meat, poultry, fish or uncooked or partially cooked eggs (such as mayonnaise or custard, quiche, etc.) or any foods that are required to be heated or cooled. No student-prepared foods that require heat or refrigeration may be offered. Exceptions to this rule may be made when approved means of heating or refrigeration are available, at the discretion of Leadership Activities and Skidmore Dining Services. Exception possibilities apply to non-hazardous foods only.

Catered Events

Foods provided and served by a local commercial food provider are subject to catering and contracting rules and must be approved by Leadership Activities.

The Murray-Akins Dining Halls and Case Campus Center provide their own catering for events; as such outside caterers are discouraged at these venues. Please contact these offices to make arrangements for food at your events in the Campus Center or Dining Hall, or to consider their catering offerings for other campus events.

All other arrangements for campus facilities should be made through your Event Registration Form, and in consultation with Leadership Activities. Keep in mind when planning your event that some venues are not appropriate for food service.

Events Serving Food Prepared by a Local Restaurant

Some events, or some club activities, may choose to purchase food from a restaurant to re-serve to their group. If you are purchasing hot food from a restaurant and re-serving it, the food must be served within two hours of preparation. This includes travel time; therefore any restaurant used must be within 30 minutes travel distance (max) of the campus. Restaurant pickup must be carefully arranged to collect hot food immediately when it is ready at a time just prior to serving that allows compliance with the 2 hour safe handling rule. If the group cannot comply with the safety rules, only non-hazardous foods should be served.

If the group or any member of the group becomes aware of any person falling ill from food that has been prepared, served or sold by the group must immediately contact The Office of Leadership Activities so that it may be reported to the Department of Health within 24 hours.