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Skidmore College
Leadership Activities 

Financial Policies

The financial branch of SGA is composed of the Vice President for Financial Affairs, the Budget and Finance Committee (B&F) and the SGA Accountant. These parties work in conjunction with the Leadership Activities Office to maintain the flow of SGA accounts while upholding and executing the SGA financial policies and procedures. The duties of the financial branch include ensuring the continued financial success of SGA, providing assistance to those in need of financial policy and procedural explanation, ensuring that the SGA financial policies and procedures are upheld and revised when necessary and representing the financial interest of SGA and the Skidmore community in all matters.

The SGA Financial Policies and Procedures define the policies and procedures that pertain to the allocation and distribution of SGA funds. While SGA, along with the Leadership Activities Office, strives to help all student groups to the fullest extent possible, due to the limited amount of funds, SGA serves only to subsidize the costs of clubs/committees and not to cover all expenses. The financial policies and procedures are intended to promote enrichment of the Skidmore College community and to discourage excessive spending for personal benefit.

The expenditure of all funds must follow the guidelines set forth by the SGA Constitution, financial policies and procedures, and ultimately, Skidmore College financial policies. Because of the administration’s liability for the financial decisions of SGA, the financial branch will work in cooperation with the administration to ensure the consideration of all interests whenever possible. 

It is the responsibility of all Student Event Planners, Club Leaders & Club Treasurers to be familiar with these policies and seek clarification when needed.

Funding for Clubs

Funds for the SGA budget are collected from the Student Activity Fee to facilitate student activities. The Student Activity Fee is charged to all matriculated students, both full and part-time, and also non-matriculated students enrolled in 12 or more credits in a semester. The amount of the Student Activity Fee is voted upon annually by the Skidmore College Board of Trustees and is billed through tuition payments.

Disciplinary Action Regarding Financial Matters

It is the role of the SGA Executive Committee to oversee the manner in which the officers of the clubs and organizations conduct themselves. Therefore, if an officer of a club or organization consistently breaks the SGA rules, they may be removed from office by the Executive Board, and/or referred to the Integrity Board for disciplinary action. In addition, if for any reason the VP for Financial Affairs feels that a club is spending its money irresponsibly, is not working in accordance with the SGA financial policies, or lacks a treasurer and president, they may freeze the funds of the club. In this case, the officers of the club may not access any of the club’s money until the issues have been resolved. Any club or individual has the right to appeal a disciplinary decision imposed by the VP for Financial Affairs. In order to appeal a decision, a written testimony must be presented to the SGA Executive Committee. The VP for Financial Affairs then has 24 hours to write a justification for his/her decision.  The Executive Committee will review both statements without the presence of the VP for Financial Affairs.  Majority rule will determine whether the disciplinary action is upheld.

 Procedure for Amendments to SGA Financial Policies

  • Recommendations for amendments should be made in accordance with the SGA Constitution.
  • The procedure for amendments requires a resolution from any member of the Senate and a majority approval
  • Senate must reapprove or amend the SGA policies and procedures at least once every other academic year