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Skidmore College
Leadership Activities 

Leadership Development

The decision is yours: to get a degree, or an education! A student who combines the skills developed through cocurricular involvement and the knowledge gained in the classroom will be better-prepared to explore and develop their total potential. Skidmore College as a part of its educational mission supports and encourages participation in cocurricular activities as an integral part of liberal arts education. One advantage of our community is the diverse and endless possibilities for involvement. Whether you wish to explore a new activity, widen your circle of friends, or promote knowledge of a cause, there is probably an organization in existence to suit your needs.

Learn about our Leadership Development Program for emerging and existing leaders here!

What are the Benefits?

To you

  • Self development and personal growth
  • Expand your circle of friends
  • Balance for your academic life—fun!
  • Valuable campus and community contacts
  • Employment advantage after graduation
  • Sense of achievement and recognition for your hard work
  • Enjoyment the activity itself

To the college

  • Involved and informed student
  • Resources to address issues and concerns
  • Joint partnerships between students, faculty and staff
  • Institutional pride

To the community

  • Valuable services performed
  • College graduates with leadership qualities and abilities
  • Future leaders with knowledge, skills and integrity
  • Making intentional choices about your involvement to practice and experiment with leadership!