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Skidmore College
Leadership Activities 

Club Resources

The Leadership Activities Office is able to offer limited storage space to registered student clubs for purchases or items that student organizations use year to year. For the access code, please contacct the Assistant Director of Leadership Activities.

Office Supplies
Operating supplies ranging from pens and paper to equipment are a necessary part of running your organization. Skidmore has a contract with WB Mason to purchase office supplies at a discounted rate. All student clubs are encouraged to use this service when ordering supplies because of the College discount and fast, convenient service.

To take advantage of good discounts and convenience in ordering, simply contact the SGA accountant to help facilitate the purchase.

Web Services for Clubs
One of the benefits of having a fully SGA chartered club is the ability to create a website on the Skidmore server.  All club websites can easily be housed at If your club already has a website but the designer has graduated or left the club the president can request, via a helpdesk ticket, to have the permissions changed. Alternatively, your club might not have a website and you can apply to create the webspace and choose a designer. The process is a simple one but because we rely on the IT department to modify these settings, it can take upwards of two weeks.

Fax Services
If a club needs to send or receive a fax for club related business, they may contact the Leadership Activities Office.  Faxes may also be sent or received by students through the college bookstore for a fee.

Notary Service
Notary services can be found in the Leadership Activities Office. SGA Accountant Kris Leggiero is a licensed notary.

Card Swipe/Reader
The Skidmore card reader can be used to accept payment for access to events and to purchase products providing it is not an overt collection going directly to a charity. This is available only to registered student clubs on a first-come, first-served basis.
Office Services
To have materials such as flyers tickets, or table tents printed, or for photocopying large quantities, please contact Print Services, located on the first floor of Case Center, ext. 5939. Online request forms and information are found on their website. All requests for printing should be received at least one week in advance of the date the materials are needed.

Media Services
Media Services offers media production services, and their Media Production Lab is equipped with workstations for scanning, CD-R and DVD-R burning, graphics manipulation and audio/video editing. Some Dj equipment and small public address systems can be borrowed from them. Requests should be submitted on line with Media Services at least 24 hours in advance. More extensive setups must be rented at the sponsoring club’s expense.