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Event Planning

It's All In The Details

Planning an event shouldn’t be stressful, but it does take a good deal of time and hard work. Event planning requires attention to detail and good time management. With a solid event team, clear understanding of your resources and plenty of time, you are sure to enjoy the process of hosting an event on campus. If you are a seasoned event planner, you might find that using the requiredStudent Event Request as a planning tool and reminder checklist ahead of time will serve you well. Professional event planners often use outlines and checklists so they don't forget important details. You will also need to review the specific Skidmore policies (many listed here).

If you are new to event planning or you are considering an initiative that pioneers new ground for you and your organization, come talk with us. The professional staff in the Office of Leadership Activities have been planning, managing and advising events for years. We are here to help!

Event Planning Basics

Below is a list of some of the key event planning points to consider. This list may not address every element of your particular creative project; it is just a place to get started. As your ideas begin to take shape, consider having a brainstorming session with the student programs event coordinator and remember that event planning is a perfect time to exercise your best team building and leadership skills, and your commitments to inclusiveness and green initiatives.

  • Designing the event: What are your goals and visions for this event? Who will attend?
  • Who is responsible for the event? Sponsors, co-sponsors and staffing
  • Event budgeting: Estimating your human and financial resources
  • Choosing a date and time for your event
  • Choosing a location for your event
  • Special considerations for outdoor events
  • Selecting, inviting, negotiating and contracting your entertainment (DJ/band/performer, etc.).
  • Registering your event
  • Contingency plans: rain sites, snowstorms, rescheduling, etc.
  • Food and beverages, catering and bartending
  • Lights, sound, projections
  • Furniture and room setups
  • Custodial, housekeeping services
  • Parking for your presenters and audience
  • Keeping your event safe and compliant
  • Thinking sustainable
  • Creating inclusive events
  • Decorations, costumes, props, prizes, etc.
  • Printing tickets and creating your box office plan
  • Marketing and publicity

How To:

Step 1: You need a tentative space reservation and register an event on campus. If you have not already done so, contact the Scheduling Office or Leadership Activities by completing the simple online request form.

Online Reservation Form

Contact the Scheduling Office if you have any questions about reserving a space on campus.

Step 2 : A professional staff member of Leadership Activities will confirm your request for services.

Step 3 : If you have additional questions, see an event assistant between 1 and 5 p.m. Monday–Friday at Case Desk.