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Travel Policy

The Student Government Association understands that there are events that occur off campus that enhance students’ experience, and as such creates opportunities for students to experience those off-campus events by subsidizing the cost, but SGA does not have the ability to fully fund these experiences. This policy applies to all SGA funds, including funding from the JSS Activism/Civic Engagement Fund, Academic Pursuit Fund, and all funds allocated from SGA.

The Travel Policy is based around the following three criteria which define extended travel

Events that Fulfill At Least One Criterion for Extended Travel

  1. Individuals/Groups/Clubs/Committees must first calculate the total cost of their travel (this includes travel, accommodations, food, registration, etc.) for the entire trip (not just on an individual basis)
  2. Input the total travel cost into the calculator below to calculate the Minimum Required Fundraising.
    • This bracketed travel system requires a Percentage of Minimum Required Fundraising (MRF). This MRF includes personal contribution, but it could also include any other means of funding outside of SGA (i.e. funding from a department, the sale of goods and/or services, etc.). The only SGA funds that are allowed to go towards the minimum required fundraising are funds from the Student Activity Financial Aid fund.

For example: If a trip were to cost $1500.00, for the first $500 the student(s) would have to Fundraise 5% (or $25). For the second $500 (from $501-1000) they would have to fundraise 10% (or $50, for a total cost of $75). For the next $500 (from $1001-1500, the rest of the cost) they would have to fundraise 15% of $500, or $75, for a total cost of $150.

Events that Do Not Fulfill Any Criteria for Extended Travel

  1. SGA will pay up to $25.00 per student per day for day trips and $50.00 per student per day for overnight trips, which may be used for transportation and accommodations as the individuals/groups/club/committee chooses but may not exceed the amount allotted per day. SGA will not reimburse any portion of a trip exceeding 2 weeks.
  2. SGA will reimburse club members for mileage driven up to $0.35 per mile; however, clubs/committees may choose to reimburse their members at a lower rate.
  3. SGA will pay up to $30.00 per student per day for food expenses.

Calculate Minimum Required Fundraising (MRF)

Bracket $0 - $500 $501 - $1000 $1001 - $2000 $2001 - $3000 $3001 - $4000 $4001+
Percentage of SGA Subsidy 95%
of this bracket
of this bracket
of this bracket
of this bracket
of this bracket
of this bracket
Percentage of Minimum Required Fundraising (MRF) 5%
of this bracket
of this bracket
of this bracket
of this bracket
of this bracket
of this bracket
MRF Associated with Bracket $0 - $25 $0 - $50 $0 - $150 $0 - $200 $0 - $250 X * (0.30)
Total Fundraising Required Up to $25 Up to $75 Up to $225 Up to $425 Up to $675 $675 + (X * 0.30)
i.e. 1589 (no commas)
Your Totals $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Total Fundraising Required: $0.00