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Leadership Activities 

Financial Policies: Forms

Most financial forms are available on SkidSync in your club's portal under the Treasury tab. Financial forms are reviewed and approved weekly by the SGA Vice President for Financial Affairs, the Director of Leadership Activities and the SGA Accountant during the check approval process. Some forms require additional review/approval from multiple college entities, so submit requests well in advance of your event.

Expense Requests

  • The Expense Request Form can be used to request reimbursements up to $200, cash advances up to $200, online credit card purchases with the SGA credit card, payment for contracted students/employees and/or checks to be made out directly to outside vendors. It is preferred that clubs/committees make checks out directly to outside vendors.
  • Documentation is required for most requests in the form of original, itemized receipts, price quotes/invoices, itemized lists of anticipated purchases or written confirmation of prices from a vendor.
  • Only one cash advance may be taken out at a time per event. Leftover money and receipts from cash advances must be returned to the Leadership Activities Office within three days of the purchase.
  • Contracts must be approved before expense requests are submitted. Contract/event approvals should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event and at a minimum must be approved before an event takes place.

Deposit Form

Travel Form

  • A Travel Form should be filled out for each member of a club/committee that spends money on a trip and should be submitted as documentation with an Expense Request.
  • Only one check may be requested per Travel Form, but multiple days may be documented.
  • All original itemized receipts must be attached to the Travel Form. A MapQuest (or comparable website) printout should be attached for mileage reimbursements. Clubs/committees should not submit for gas reimbursement unless rented vehicles were used. SGA will reimburse for mileage driven up $0.35 per mile; however, clubs/committees may choose to reimburse their members at a lower rate.
  • The Travel Form may be used for mileage reimbursement, hotels, meals while traveling, tolls, etc. Refer to section 3.2.4. for details on spending limits, etc.

Catering Requests

Catering requests should be used for any event involving dining services or catering. Forms should be submitted two weeks prior to an event. Four weeks should be allowed for any events of an exceptionally large or complex nature.


Supplemental Funding Requests

  • Clubs/committees may request supplemental funding by filling out a Supplemental Funding Request.
  • Requests for a supplemental generally take two weeks. The B&F Committee will meet with the requesting club/organization/senator and make a recommendation to the Senate, which votes on final approval.
  • A new club chartered at a point in the year that does not allow the club to participate in the spring budgeting process may obtain an operating budget by applying for a supplemental. Clubs chartered during the first semester may apply for up to $3,000, and clubs chartered during the second semester may apply for up to $1,500.

Category Transfers

  • A category transfer is when a club/committee transfers funds from one category in their budget to another.
  • Clubs/committees may apply for a category transfer if there is a justifiable reason (i.e. money is left over from an event, more money is needed in a category, etc.) by filling out a Budget Modification Request.
  • The B&F Committee must approve category transfers in order for them to take effect.
  • Category transfers are not intended to change the overall structure of a club/committee’s budget.
  • Money may not be transferred into the Refreshments/Entertainment category.