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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs

1989 Project Summary

For summer 2003, there are 8 students and 8 faculty members working on 8 different projects. Zero faculty members are involved with multiple projects.

Discipline Number of Projects
Biology 1
Business 1
Chemistry and Physics 2
English 1
Psychology 2
Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work 1

TOTAL: 6 disciplines, XX math/natural science

List of Projects:

Betty Balevic, Business
Kenny Jo '90
Professional Corporate Women

Susan Bender, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
Tara Connor '92
Towards a settlement prehistory of the Upper Hudson Drainage- Site Map Completion

David Burrows, Psychology
Beth Gershuny '89
Rapid Change and Information Overload

Raymond Giguere, Chemistry and Physics
Sandy Cooperman '91
Hydroazulene Synthesis

Phyllis Roth, English
Mary Gannon '89
"Daughters and Fathers, Gender and Power: The Cases of Charlotte Bronte and George Elliot"

Elaine Rubenstein, Biology
Tracy Burrows '90
Study the Utilization of Four Specific Proteins

Margaret Short-Degraff, Psychology
Sally Holan '89
Validation of a measure of children's self-drawing

William Standish, Chemistry and Physics
Ronald Epstein '89
Complete work on a superconducting material and perfect the fabrication of a new superconducting material