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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs

2004 Project Summary

For summer 2004, there are 17 students and 13 faculty members working on 15 different projects. Two faculty members are involved with multiple projects.

Discipline Number of Projects
American Studies 1
Art 1
Biology 2
Chemistry 2
Foreign Language and Literature 1
Geosciences 1
Government 1
Math & Computer Science 1
Music 1
Physics 1
Psychology 1

TOTAL: 12 disciplines, 6 math/natural science

List of Projects:

Mao Chen, Foreign Languages
Zhen Le '06
China Encounters the West: Transnational Capital, Trade and Acculturation

Mary Crone Odekon, Physics
Stephanie Waite '06
Research and WEB Site for the Tang Exhibit A Very Liquid Heaven

Thomas Denny, Music
Olivia Gawet '05
Corinne Stevens '05
Stories from the Don Giovanni Diaspora (London, 1817-77; Paris, 1811-67; Germany & Austria, 1789-1856): People, Institutions, and Ideas that Shaped the Variant Versions

Pat Fidopiastas, Biology
Adam Klein '05
Biochemical characterization and role of superoxide dismutase in Vibrio fischeri, the light organ symbiotic of sepiolid squid

Michelle Frey, Chemistry
Anna Gates '05
Isolation, Purification and Characterization of a Novel Metalloprotease from Vibrio fischeri: A Symbiotic Model for Pathogenic Associations

Roy Ginsberg, Government
Joshua Hutchinson '06
The European Union and the Logic of Integration

Patricia Hilleren, Biology
Rob Caiazzo '05
Characterization of pre-mRNA metabolism in Yeast pre-mRNA splicing mutants

David Karp, Sociology
Jarrett Warshaw
An Exploratory Analysis of the Role of Victim’s Families in Capital Juror Decision-Making

David Karp, Sociology
Samantha Anderson '05
Evaluating the Vermont Department of Corrections Offender Reentry Program

Margo Mensing, Art
Afshaan Rahman ‘04
A Very Liquid Heaven

Daniel Nathan, American Studies
Peter Berg '05
Erin Klemyk '05
’The Truth Wrapped in a Package of Lies’: Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York and Popular Culture as Public History

Kyle Nichols, Geosciences
Thomas Arnold '07
Drainage Basin Classification using GIS: The first step to determining the sedimentation of Lake Mead and Lake Powell

Thomas O'Connell, Mathematics & Computer Science
Andrew Matusiewicz '05
Algorithms for Intelligent Game Playing