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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs

1992 Project Summary

For summer 2003, there are 12 students and 12 faculty members working on 12 different projects. Zero faculty members are involved with multiple projects.

Discipline Number of Projects
Art 1
Biology 1
Business 1
Chemistry and Physics 1
English 1
For Tang 1
Physical Education 1
Psychology 1
Sociology, Anthropology & Social
Theater 1

TOTAL: 9 disciplines, 3 math/natural science

List of Projects:

Joan Barth, Psychology
Andrea M. Bastiani '93
Emotional Communication Skills and Children's Peer Acceptance

Alma Becker, Theater
Kieran J. Hackett '92
Handbook for Young Directors

Susan Bender, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
Nicole Ballinger '93
Reconstructing the Prehistory of the Town of Easton

Catherine Berheide, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
Laura Stewart '92
Wages for Service: an Analysis of the Relationship between Salary Grades & Job Families in NY

Spencer Cahill, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
Robin Eggleston '93
Wheel Chair Users in Public Places: A Socio-Cultural Study

David Domozych, Biology
Matthew Dairman '94
An Immunological and Experimental Dissection of the Secretory Newtork in Primitive Green Plant Cells

Sarah Goodwin, English
Susannah Harris '92
Movement, Dance, and the Romantic Body

Judy Halstead, Chemistry and Physics
Cheryl Silbert '94
Temporal Trends in Organic and Inorganic Anion Concentrations in Wet Percipitation Samples

John Homes, Business
David Wetzstein '94
Assessing Consumers Attitudes' Towards Selected Aspects of "Green" Marketing

David Miller, Art
Matthew Lyngard '93
Mural Research, Design and Production

Natalie Roklina, For Tang
Anne Yedvabny '94
The Principle of Composition in M. Lermontov's A Hero of Our Time

Denise Smith, Physical Education
Sarah Warner '92
Physiological Response of Performing Physical Work Tasks in Various Firefighting Gear

Gordon Smith, Music
Gary Boas '93
The Music Culture of the Capitol District South Asian Community

Stuart Witt, Government
Evelyn Montanez '93
Matagalpa: A Community Study